Rezzil Player 21 – Football training in VR

Football training during a lockdown

Athletes need to keep on training to improve their skills. That's hard to do in a lockdown where you can't train like you usually do - on the pitch and with other people around. While UFC star Max Holloway trained via Zoom and by playing the UFC video game for UFC 251 in Abu Dhabi when his gym was closed, some Premier League players trained using VR simulation created by Manchester-based company Rezzil

Using a VR headset and trackers attached to their feet, players drill shooting, passing, heading, technique and more in the comfort of home. This training simulation is not available to the public until now. However, the version made available to the general public is not the full version. 

A basic version of the professional software

Rezzil calls it Player 21, a basic version of the training simulation they offer to their professional clients. We assume football clubs or individual professional players paid a lot of money for it. 

Player 21 is free on Steam and Vivoport. The game features shooting drills like in the real world. Balls are fed to the player from either side of the goal. The player is required to kick the ball towards the goal and try to hit the targets, which may move.

If you want more than shooting drills, you can buy the Color Combos DLC for $14.99. The DLC offers one of Rezzil's most popular drills used by professional players.

In the Color Combos DLC, a machine in front of your feeds your four balls. You are to kick the correctly colored balls with the side of your feet as indicated onscreen. From time-to-time you'll be fed with rows of concrete balls that you need to jump over. It can be quite the mental and physical workout especially when the pace is ramped up. 


  • Base game is free
  • Fun
  • It's a great workout
  • Perfect for times when you have to stay at home
  • It's almost like having a coach


  • Expensive if you don't already own the necessary gear
  • Not the full version
  • Only compatible with HTC Vive and Valve Index


The Rezzil Player 21 is a good option for training at home. It's also a great way to work out. The base game is free but it can get quite expensive if you don't already have a HTC Vive or Valve Index. You. also need a set of VR trackers for your feet like the Vive Tracker ($99). It's currently not compatible with other VR headsets. 

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