Xion Cyber X – A custom ebike that goes 50mph and up to 100 miles

Which parts are customizable?

Technically you can customize almost every part of the Xion Cyber X ebike like tires, pedals, etc. 

However, other than bike size, what the makers meant by "fully customizable" is that you can change the frame color, seat color and the laser-printed panel design.

There are eight colors you can choose for the frame: red, black, blue, grey , pink, green, orange, and purple. 

For the seat you get 7 options: black, white, red, purple, yellow, orange, and brown.

And for the panel: red, white, black, pink, orange, and yellow. The design you see in the pictures and promotional pictures though is an add-on. And it's quite an expensive add-on at $299, which includes the price for the mirror acrylic panels and custom laser design engraving.

The mirror acrylic panel itself is a $150 add-on. If you don't opt for the add-on, it will just be a plain panel in the color of choice without any designs.

If you want lights on your panels, it will cost your $309, which includes the mirror acrylic panel and lights on the panel.

choose frame and panel colors and size
choose seat color
Xion Cyber X led panel
cyberx addons price list

Xion Cyber X upgrades

You can upgrade the motor controller and battery to improve performance. There are two choices for the motor controller upgrade: BAC 4000 and BAC 8000.

Here's what they mean according to the manufacturer

What is the BAC 4000?

The BAC 4000 is a mid-level high-power density compact Motor Controller (inverter). These units are optimized for the latest in Lithium-Ion battery technology and utilize the latest in field-oriented vector control (FOC) as well as ASI’s Proprietary adaptive sensorless start algorithms. ASI Controllers feature auto-tuning and are capable of delivering up to 95% of a motor's maximum locked rotor torque without the need for complicated position sensors.

What is the BAC 8000?

The BAC 8000 is a compact high-performance Electric Motor Controller / Inverter. These units are optimized for the latest in Lithium-Ion Battery Technology and utilize the latest in Field-Oriented Vector Control (FOC) as well as ASI’s Proprietary adaptive Sensorless Motor Control algorithm. ASI Controllers feature auto-tuning and are capable of delivering up to 120% of a motor’s rated maximum locked rotor torque without the need for complicated position sensors.

Basically these motor controllers give you more torque for your ride. BAC 8000 > BAC 4000.


You can upgrade the stock 72V 32AH removable battery to either 37AH, 42AH, or 50AH. However, there is no mention of how these batteries affect the range and charging time. But it is recommended that if you upgrade the controller you should also upgrade the battery because the higher torque controller will reduce the range of the ebike.

cyberx upgrades price list


The Xion Cyber X has a top speed of 50mph in Race mode

In Street mode, the top speed is limited to 28mph. Because of the limitation in Street mode, you don't need a license to ride the Cyber X in most places. But in case you need to register, the certification of origin, including VIN, product, model and year is included with your purchase.

Acceleration is 0-30 in 4 seconds.

The maximum range of the Cyber X is quoted as 100 miles. This is in pedal assist mode. If you ride at 20mph without pedaling, you can get up to 75 miles. At max throttle you could get up to 50 miles. 

The range you get from the Xion Cyber X is actually pretty good. And since the battery is removable, you can extend the range indefinitely.

For all that speed and power you'll need to be able to stop safely and smoothly. For that the Cyber X comes with a hydraulic disc brake system.

You also get a front and rear suspension for a smooth ride on-road and off-road. The frame is made of a tough steel alloy (4130 Chromoly steel) that can "withstand the hardest rides" with powder coating for weather and corrosion resistance

The Xion Cyber X weighs 165lbs (75kg) and supports up to 500lbs (226kg). You can take a full-sized adult with you for the ride. The seat is long and comfortable but it's also straight. If you're a passenger, you might want to hold on tight to the rider or risk sliding off.

Depending of the size you choose, you'll either get the 17" or 18" motorcycle tires.

Because there's no clutch and no gears, no maintenance is required according to the manufacturer.

ebike burnout
Other features

Other features of the Xion Cyber X includes a crisp LCD display that shows your battery status, speed, distance, and time. 

It seems to also come with removable waterproof bluetooth speaker but when installed it seems to block the LCD display.

There's also a phone holder and a USB charging port so can charge your phone on the go.

Made in San Diego, USA.

waterproof bluetooth speaker


  • Customizable
  • Full suspension
  • No license required
  • 100 mile range


  • Lights on side panel is an add-on
  • Still in prototype stage
  • The seat is straight and might not keep you in place.


The Xion Cyber X is a good looking bike and with the customization options, you can make it look how you want it. But this custom ebike is not just about looks. It has a 50mph top speed and a 100 mile max range. There's full suspension for smooth ride. Designed for both off-road and on-road riding. It's also competitively priced. Overall it's not a bad option for an ebike.

Note: we get a small commission from each purchase of the Xion Cyber X ebike through this website. However, it does not affect our opinion about it and we do not need approval from the manufacturer for this post.

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