Kool Tool Belt – Nylon Webbing Belt with Multi-Tool

A very useful belt

A pocket multi-tool is supposed to be there when you need it but most people leave them at home. If you always wear a belt, it makes sense that your belt buckle is also a multi-tool.

The Bison Designs Kool Tool belt is a ribbed nylon webbing belt with a Cr13-steel multi-tool buckle. It has three wire strippers in varying sizes, a couple of flat head screwdrivers, a Phillips screwdriver, the ever-present bottle opener, S.A.E. hex tool, standard and metric ruler, and metric hex tool.


  • If you always wear a belt you'll always have tools
  • Good number of tools for its size


  • Some customers complain that newer version use cheaper materials
  • Edges of buckle are sharp


This is a really cool belt and very useful. You might need to be careful with sharp edges though.

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