Kool Tool Belt – Nylon Webbing Belt with Multi-Tool

Innovative belt with nine tools

In a world where unpredictability is the only constant, there's an unmistakable appeal to being ready for anything, anywhere, any time. Enter the Kool Tool Belt from Bison Designs – a masterstroke of practical innovation that combines style, durability, and the spirit of the ever-prepared adventurer.

This is not just a belt. It's a compact survival kit, a multi-tool accessory, a testament to the saying ‘forewarned is forearmed'. Fashioned in the USA, with more than a quarter-century of Bison Designs' craftsmanship, it redefines what it means to carry a tool belt. It sits comfortably at your waist, but make no mistake, it’s more than capable of rising to the occasion when you need it.

Housed in a buckle closure, the Kool Tool technical belt touts 9 useful tools. No gimmicks here, only the stuff that truly counts. You'll find standard and metric hex tools, screwdrivers, and a ruler, all catering to those moments where MacGyvering becomes more than a verb. And did I mention the cutter? That one’s a handy little devil, making short work of everything from fishing lines to packing tape.

The belt itself, a corrugated 38mm wide webbing, is a study in durability. Crafted from laser-cut steel, it's sturdy enough to withstand the rigours of daily wear, yet sleek enough to avoid looking out of place in a casual setting.

But this piece-de-resistance does more than just cater to practical needs. It possesses a distinctive charm, the kind that’s sure to turn heads, whether you're scaling a mountain or negotiating the urban jungle. It comes in black – the universal color of cool. And it’s light, weighing in at a mere 0.4 pounds.

And of course, there’s a bottle opener – because who doesn't appreciate the facility to crack open a cold one after a long day of hiking, biking, climbing, or just surviving in the modern world?

This is more than a belt. It's an emblem of readiness, a companion for the active, and an ode to the adventurous spirit. It doesn't just hold your trousers up – it holds its own in a world full of challenges. All in all, the Bison Designs Kool Tool belt is a wearable testament to the timeless blend of style, innovation, and the art of being prepared.


  1. Multifunctionality: With 9 useful tools incorporated into its design, this belt transcends mere fashion and enters the realm of practical utility.
  2. Durability: The combination of corrugated 38mm wide webbing and a laser-cut steel buckle ensures a durable product that can withstand wear and tear.
  3. Lightweight: Despite its many features, the belt weighs only 0.4 pounds. It’s light enough to wear without feeling weighed down.
  4. Versatile Style: With its sleek black design and stylish buckle, this belt can easily be worn with a variety of outfits and for various occasions.
  5. Bottle Opener: The inclusion of a bottle opener is a convenient and thoughtful touch, especially for those who enjoy outdoor activities.
  6. Affordability: Priced at $18.69, this belt provides excellent value given its features and quality, making it accessible to a broad range of consumers.


  1. One Size May Not Fit All: While it's adjustable, the belt might not fit everyone perfectly. Sizes may not accommodate all body types.
  2. Limited Tool Selection: While the belt includes several useful tools, it might not have everything you'd need in a pinch. The tools are basic and won't replace a full toolkit.
  3. Comfort: With a steel buckle and integrated tools, the belt could potentially be uncomfortable to wear for long periods, especially while sitting or during intense activities.

In summary, the Bison Designs Kool Tool belt offers a unique blend of style and utility. Its pros clearly outweigh its cons, but the specific needs and preferences of the user will ultimately determine its value.


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