Bridge Built Phoenix Portable Folding Squat Rack

Folding but not stuck on a wall

While folding squat racks like the ones from Rogue and PRX Performance are very good options when it comes to folding squat racks, some of us need a folding squat rack that can be moved around instead of being bolted to the wall. The Phoenix Squat Rack by Bridge Built is one of the better options. It's made in the USA with high quality materials and beefy construction that makes them stable without needing support from the wall. The uprights are made of 3 x 3″ 11-gauge tube steel with 3/4″ holes for attachments. Each hole is 2″ apart and marked with laser-cut numbers. Because of the hole size, you may need to rely on attachments made by Bride Built instead of standard attachments that work with standard squat racks. Uprights come in either 6′, 7′, or 8′.

When folded, the Phoenix Squat is held together by quick release hitch pins. The hitch pins also keeps the rack stable when in the unfolded position. The total weight of the rack including J-hooks is 150 lbs and a weight capacity of 1,000+lbs. Wheels on the side to make moving the rack easy is an added purchase.

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