Torque USA Tank MX wheeled workout sled works on any surface

The faster you push the harder it gets

Sleds used for working out don't usually come with wheels because they're supposed to make moving things easier. Torque USA's M series Tanks are a little different because they have wheels with adjustable resistance. Because of the wheels, it's easier to find a suitable surface to use them whether indoors of outdoors. You don't have to worry about scratching up or leaving a mark on surfaces like wood or worry about the surface scratching up the sled like when using a regular sled on pavement.

All three versions of the Tank have 3 levels of resistance: level 1 for speed, level 2 for acceleration, and level 3 for explosive power. It works in a way that the faster you push, the harder it gets. The Tank MX has an extra mode, called the MX mode, that increases the resistance of each level by 25% by flipping a lever.

The sled itself has plenty of handles and a variety of attachments for pushing and pulling. They even have wheelbarrow handles for dead lifts, shoulder shrugs, lunges, and more.

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