Profile Pro Folding Squat Rack lift big is small spaces

As seen on Shark Tank

A squat rack is one of the best things you can get for your home to build strength. The Profile Pro allows you to have a squat rack at home even when you have limited space. It uses a foldable system that doesn't require any assembly. It uses 3×3″ 11 gauge uprights with the option to choose between 90″ and 96″ height depending on the how high you want it or how tall is your ceiling.

This foldable system was first seen on Shark Tank where it was successfully funded. The one featured on the show is the Profile One Squat Rack. The Pro is a more expensive version made of better materials and comes with 3×3″ uprights. The Profile One comes with 2×3″ uprights. However you can't go wrong with either versions because they're both very well made. If you get the Pro on sale, the difference with the One is about $100. For added convenience, they also have a folding bench that mounts to the wall and can be stored vertically when not in use.

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