Beat the Heat: Vans UltraRange EXO Hi GORE-TEX WW MTE-2’s Superior Thermoregulation

Versatile, comfortable, protective, breathable, high-traction

If you're anything like me, always on the move, carving your own path in this crazy beautiful world, you need a trusty companion for your feet that doesn't blink in the face of the elements. Trust me when I tell you, the Vans UltraRange EXO Hi GORE-TEX WW MTE-2 just might be your holy grail for this Summer.

Picture this: the sun's rays are beating down on your brow, but your feet? They're as cool as a cucumber, thanks to the incredible thermoregulating, breathable mesh. It's like having your own personal air-conditioning system, working overtime to channel heat away from your feet and into the ether. Sweat? Not on its watch.

Now, let's get down to business – traction. Whether you're scrambling up the side of a rocky hill, or trotting down a rain-soaked city street, these shoes will not disappoint. The All-Trac rubber compound of the MTE-2 outsole flexes and bends with every twist and turn, offering you sure-footed confidence in your stride.

The Invisible Fit waterproof technology from GORE-TEX® is no joke either. It's designed to be ultra-lightweight and supremely breathable. And it offers a fit and feel that's natural, almost intuitive. You'll hardly notice it's there, but you'll appreciate its effectiveness when you step into that unexpected summer downpour.

The comfort and support of these shoes is also something to write home about. The UltraCush™ EVA midsole and OrthoLite® sockliner combine to provide a foot-hugging experience that manages to be both cozy and supportive, all while reducing weight and maintaining a healthy, dry environment for your feet.

And for those of us who can be a little rough around the edges, the molded toe and heel protection adds an extra layer of reassurance. No need to tiptoe around – these shoes can take a beating and come back for more.

Now, you might balk at the price tag. CAD 225.00 is a decent chunk of change. But here's the thing: you can't put a price on comfort, durability, and the sheer freedom to go wherever your heart desires.

In short, these aren't just shoes. They're a ticket to adventure, to a summer full of moments you'll never forget. So go ahead, put them on, step outside, and see where the journey takes you. These Vans are ready when you are. Trust me, your feet will thank you.


1. Adaptability: The UltraRange EXO Hi GORE-TEX WW MTE-2 is an incredibly versatile shoe. It's designed to perform well in warm weather conditions, thanks to its thermoregulating, breathable mesh ventilation. Whether you're hitting the trail or exploring the city, this shoe has you covered.

2. Superior Traction: The All-Trac MTE-2 outsole features a special rubber compound that bends and flexes with terrain changes. This creates better adaptability and more surface area for grip. It's perfect for those seeking sure-footed confidence in their outdoor adventures.

3. High-Performance Moisture Management: Thanks to GORE-TEX®’s Invisible Fit technology, these shoes offer excellent moisture management. They're breathable, waterproof, and light as a feather.

4. Comfort and Support: A combination of a single-density OrthoLite® sockliner and UltraCush™ EVA midsole means these shoes aren't just rugged, they're incredibly comfortable too.

5. Robust Protection: The TPU molded toe cap provides impact and compression resistance, which adds to the overall durability of these shoes.


1. Price: At CAD 225.00, these shoes might be a bit steep for some. Although the quality and features arguably justify the cost, it's something to consider if you're on a tight budget.

2. Warm-Weather Specific: While the shoe excels in warm weather, it may not offer the same level of comfort and protection in colder climates or seasons, limiting its year-round utility.

3. Size and Fit: Depending on personal preference and foot shape, some might find the high-top style restrictive or less comfortable than low-top variants. It's always recommended to try on the shoes before purchase to ensure a good fit.

Remember, the right footwear can make or break an adventure, so it's essential to find a pair that best suits your needs and comfort.

CAD 225.00

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