Hiker Trailer Extreme Off Road: Customize Your Adventure with Versatile Build Options

Trailblazing, durable, customizable, storage-savvy, compatible

What we have here is a true celebration of freedom and adventure, an unapologetic testament to the spirit of wanderlust, ready to take you places where the conventional and the mundane cease to exist. It's called the Hiker Trailer Extreme Off Road.

This is not just an escape pod, it's an invitation to experience the raw beauty of the world. At 5’ x 9’ and weighing in at a comfortably towable average of 2,165 lbs, it's practically begging you to hook it up to your vehicle and take off.

The 17″ aluminum alloy wheels encased in rugged, approximately 33″ tires, are ready to chew through terrain that your standard campers would balk at. You're looking at 14” of ground clearance, folks. There's not much stopping you with this kind of setup, not to mention an optional full motion articulating hitch to make those tight turns and maneuvers all the easier.

The vehicle's basic model comes in a white aluminum exterior, with an assortment of features to maximize comfort and functionality. Windows with screens, a manual roof vent, a pair of front jacks, galley shelves, and a cabin dome light. But that's just the start.

And then you delve into the realm of the Extreme Off Road Exclusive Features. The dual tongue box storage? Absolutely a game changer. Not only do you have your basic storage capacity expanded, but there's also the option to add a fridge box for those refreshments that you'd love chilled while you explore the wilderness. The underfloor cargo storage pan? Ingenious. This is smart utilization of space.

What truly sets the Hiker Trailer Extreme Off Road apart are the frame-integrated storage racks. Being able to pack more gear securely is a blessing for any adventurer, and with these racks on the front and rear, it becomes all the more feasible. The brush guard addition, besides looking ruggedly appealing, provides that much-needed protection in the rough and tumble of off-road exploration.

I appreciate that you get to choose from either a 5 on 5 or 6 on 5.5 lug pattern, allowing compatibility with most foreign and domestic tow vehicles. And the rear spare tire swing? Excellent touch. It not only saves ground clearance and tongue weight but also ensures that you're prepared for those unexpected flats.

What we have here is a versatile, thoughtfully crafted piece of equipment, more of a partner than a possession. It's not about the price tag; it starts from $14,999 and can go up to an average of $23,914, depending on customization. It's about the experiences, the journeys, the stories you’ll create with it. So, my friends, get out there and experience the world in its raw, undiluted form with the Hiker Trailer Extreme Off Road. Life is waiting. Adventure is calling.


1. Rugged and Resilient: This trailer is built for action. With its heavy-duty 17″ alloy rims, approximately 33″ tires, and a minimum height of 79”, it's designed to withstand the harshest of terrains.

2. Ground Clearance: The 14″ of ground clearance is an absolute blessing for off-road enthusiasts. It makes for less worry when traversing uneven landscapes.

3. Customization Options: The trailer offers a multitude of options for customization, giving the purchaser the freedom to tailor it to their specific needs and preferences.

4. Storage Space: The dual tongue box storage, underfloor cargo storage pan, and the frame-integrated storage racks considerably increase the overall storage capacity of the trailer, making it ideal for long expeditions.

5. Tow Vehicle Compatibility: The option to choose from either a 5 on 5 or 6 on 5.5 lug pattern allows compatibility with a wide range of tow vehicles.


1. Weight: Despite being designed for off-road adventures, the average weight of 2,165 lbs could potentially be a limiting factor depending on the tow vehicle.

2. Price: The starting price point of $14,999 may not be accessible for all, and the average price as built, which can go up to $23,914, could be considered steep by some.

3. Manual Roof Vent: While the manual roof vent is certainly a useful feature, an automatic or powered vent could have provided better ventilation with less effort.

4. Limited Basic Model Features: While the trailer comes with an array of features in the basic model, elements such as an air conditioning system or solar power connectivity, which some adventurers might find desirable, aren't included in the base model.

5. No Included Spare Tire: Although there is an option for a rear spare tire swing, it's surprising that a spare tire isn’t included in the starting model, considering the trailer's off-road capabilities.

$14,999 – $23,914

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