BMW R69 1960 – A Timeless Classic with Velorex Sidecar: Unleash the Spirit of the Road

Classic BMW R69: The Ultimate Adventure

Ah, the open road, the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin. Few things can compare to the sheer exhilaration of the ride. A perfect embodiment of that sentiment? A vintage two-wheeler, a chariot of yesteryears – a 1960 BMW R69. A companion piece from the past that has gracefully stood the test of time, eager to charm the present.

Sporting an all-black outfit, this BMW R69 is the personification of classic and cool, a retro bad boy donning a glossy coat that shimmers under the sun. The bike carries an air-cooled 594cc “Boxer” Flat-Twin engine, promising a rumble that echoes a powerful symphony of the road – a sound as alluring as its aesthetics.

Its robust 4-Speed Manual Transmission and RWD Drivetrain reveal the BMW's roots in an era of motorcycling that embraced pure mechanical interaction, a rhythmic dance between man and machine that modern bikes often lack. You've got to love those classic lines, the generous curves, and the way that body leans into the corners. There's nothing like it.

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of this model is the Velorex JAWA sidecar – a callback to the vintage era of sidecar motorcycle touring. The sidecar – which itself dates back to 1974 – adds a sense of camaraderie to the solo pursuit of biking. It's an invitation, a beckoning seat for a friend or a loved one to join you on your journey, transforming solitary excursions into shared adventures.

Worthy of note is the hard work that has been put into keeping this old soul alive and kicking. More than $12,600 spent on engine rebuilds, transmission reseals, sidecar refreshments – to name a few. This beast might be over 60 years old, but it's ready to roar, ready to conquer the open road once more.

Yet, with all its macho charm, this bike doesn't shy away from flaunting its battle scars. Some paint imperfections on the Buco saddlebags, a general patina here and there, tell the tale of its time-tested journey. But aren't they the most authentic tattoos of experience?

So, it's more than just a motorcycle. It's a relic, a piece of history, a testimony to the spirit of exploration. An opportunity to rediscover the world, make new memories, create stories. For those of you who love the thrill of life and the art of living it fully, it's not just a vehicle, it's a lifestyle. The auction's open, folks. Make this journey your own.

The 1960 BMW R69 and Velorex Side Car certainly offer a mix of strengths and potential drawbacks that might appeal to different enthusiasts. Let's dig in:


  1. Heritage and Character: The BMW R69 hails from a golden age of motorcycling, exuding vintage appeal and timeless style.
  2. Upgraded Features: It features a Velorex JAWA sidecar and a front fairing with a windscreen – add-ons that increase the motorcycle's utility and enhance its aesthetic.
  3. Extensive Maintenance: The amount of repair and maintenance work done on this bike is impressive. Over $12,600 has been invested in engine rebuilds, transmission reseals, carburetor rebuilds, and a sidecar refresh.
  4. Clean Title: The bike comes with a clean title. It's legally ready to hit the road.
  5. Included Extras: The sale includes service records since 2017, factory manuals, and two keys, increasing the motorcycle's overall value.


  1. Age-Related Wear and Tear: The bike, given its age, shows general wear and tear, including paint imperfections and minor cosmetic flaws.
  2. Vintage Mechanics: While some may love the old school mechanical feel, others may find the lack of modern features and conveniences a downside. The 4-Speed Manual Transmission might not be for everyone, and the Drum brakes are certainly not up to today's standards.
  3. Limited Passenger Space: Although the sidecar offers the opportunity for shared adventures, it does limit the number of passengers to just one extra person.
  4. Potential for High Maintenance Costs: Vintage bikes often require more upkeep and may need harder-to-find parts or specialized mechanics, potentially leading to higher maintenance costs in the future.

In conclusion, whether the 1960 BMW R69 and Velorex Side Car is the right choice will depend largely on your personal preferences, especially your appetite for vintage charm and your tolerance for the quirks and costs that come with it.

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