Again Faster Ignite Package: Your Gateway to the Ultimate Home Gym Experience

Complete, high-quality home gym setup

A toast to all you intrepid urban cyclists, life's unflappable adventurers. Today, let's discuss not the journey, but the resting place of our loyal steeds — the Delta Cycle Pablo 2-Bike Storage Rack. A mouthful, I know, but this one's a bit of a rockstar in its field, just like a certain painter with the same first name.

For a mere $54, an inconsequential sum compared to the damage of a misplaced bike, you are given the power of order and compactness. This isn't your run-of-the-mill garage clutter — it's a functional, wall-mounted piece of art that can gracefully hold your pair of two-wheeled companions.

Let's talk about those vinyl-coated arms. Think of them as loving, protective hands cradling your bikes, with the gentleness to ensure the finishes are never tarnished. It's not just a rack; it's a caretaker of your prized possessions.

Its size, 20 x 13 x 10 inches, is a study in thoughtful engineering. It's substantial enough to comfortably host your bikes yet maintains a low-profile silhouette that blends into the background. It won't steal the limelight, but it is a silent supporting actor in your cycling passion.

And the weight? A surprising 4 pounds. That's less than a gallon of milk, folks. For something that can shoulder 65 lbs of steel and rubber, it's impressively lightweight. Don't mistake lightness for weakness though. Much like a featherweight boxer, this rack packs a punch.

But the feature that truly sings to me is its capacity to fold down when not in use. It’s like it disappears, slips into the background, like an illusionist exiting the stage once the show's done.

Also, don't overlook the little shelf. An added perk for your cycling accessories or tools, making this not just a storage rack, but a comprehensive biking station. A place where your gloves, shades, or that tiny allen wrench that's always disappearing can find a home.

It's a hardy little solution for active folks who demand function, simplicity, and that touch of convenience in their lives. It understands the spirit of a cyclist's lifestyle — that unique blend of movement and calm, of chaos and order. The Delta Cycle Pablo 2-Bike Storage Rack, my friends, is a small, yet significant, nod to the symmetry of our cycling lives.


  1. Comprehensive Set: This package includes all the necessary components for a varied and comprehensive workout. It's an all-in-one solution for setting up a home gym.
  2. High-Quality Barbell: The Evolution Barbell is both robust and durable, with a tensile strength of 209,000 PSI. This ensures longevity and can withstand intense training sessions.
  3. Variety of Weight Options: With four different weight sets available (160lb, 190lb, 230lb, 260lb), this package caters to a range of fitness levels and can be tailored to individual needs.
  4. Odor-Free Plates: The crumb bumper plates are made from virgin rubber, eliminating the risk of unpleasant odors during workouts.
  5. Pricing: For the range of equipment provided, the price point of $549.00 – $959.00 represents good value, particularly for those transitioning from a commercial gym to a home setup.


  1. Aggressive Knurling: The barbell features aggressive knurling which could potentially deter novice lifters or cause discomfort during prolonged use.
  2. Absence of Center Knurling: The barbell lacks center knurling. This can affect grip during certain exercises, particularly squats, and may be a downside for more advanced lifters.
  3. One Barbell Option: The package includes only one barbell, the 20kg Evolution Barbell. More advanced lifters or those with specific training preferences may require more options.
  4. Potential Extra Costs: While the base package price is reasonable, opting for larger weight sets will naturally increase the cost, potentially pushing the price beyond some budgets.
  5. Space Requirements: This comprehensive set requires adequate space for storage and usage, which might not be suitable for individuals with limited room in their homes.


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