Synca CirC Plus: Unveiling the Elegance of Shibui in a Compact Massage Chair

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Ah, the perpetual grind of an adventurous soul. Always on the move, exploring, hiking, biking – but then comes the ache, the tension, the unspoken aftermath of our ceaseless endeavors. And that's where our ally, the CirC Plus Compact Massage Chair from Synca, comes into the picture.

Stepping away from the ungainly behemoths that are traditional massage chairs, the CirC Plus offers an elegant display of Japanese “Shibui” design. Subtle, discreet, and tastefully camouflaged into a stylish chair, it’s not just a fixture, but an experience. It’s a conversation piece, a testament to the subtle beauty of form meeting function, that whispers the tantalizing promise of relaxation.

The CirC Plus isn’t merely a chair – it's a companion that knows exactly where your sore spots are and how to knead them away. It has your back, quite literally, from neck to buttocks with its four gentle yet firm massage hands. It's like having your very own masseuse, but without the small talk.

If it’s your first time hearing about Zero Gravity Cradle, well, prepare to have your mind, and body, blown. Borrowed from NASA technology, this recline position offers evenly distributed support to your body, relieving the lower vertebrae of any pressure, improving blood flow, and making you feel as if you’re floating – quite the interstellar experience, right at home.

But the CirC Plus isn't just about physical relief. There's something truly serene about its compactness and ease of mobility. It demands less than 6 inches of space when fully reclined, which makes it the perfect relaxation companion for any space. Whether you're in a plush penthouse or a quaint cabin, the CirC Plus can be there.

What strikes me about the CirC Plus, however, is its quiet complexity. This compact chair houses a full-size massage robot that is as high-quality as those found in chairs twice its price. That, and its comprehensive range of pre-programmed and manual massage options makes it truly versatile.

Whether you're looking to energize, relax, or drift into a gentle sleep, this chair caters to all your whims. Its focused relief courses target specific areas from neck and shoulder to buttocks and lumbar, providing relief along the Sciatic nerve.

And the finishing touch? A wireless remote control that keeps things simple and clutter-free, along with heat therapy for that extra bit of relaxation. Picture this: you, nestled in your chair, soothing heat spreading through your back and legs, as you gaze upon the world outside your window.

For the active souls who crave the touch of leisure after a long day of adventure, the CirC Plus is a sanctuary. But remember, it's not just a chair. It's an experience. For $1,999.99, it's a worthy investment into a little luxury that your body will thank you for.

So, my fellow explorers, seize the day. Live your adventure. But remember, even warriors need their rest. And when that time comes, the CirC Plus will be there, ready to ease your tired muscles, and prepare you for the next journey.


  1. Compact Design: Its space-saving design enables it to be placed anywhere in your home, making it perfect for small spaces or apartments.
  2. Shibui Japanese Design: The chair embodies the aesthetic philosophy of ‘Shibui', offering elegance, simplicity, and subtle beauty.
  3. Full Body Coverage: With its Long SL Track Rail and four massage hands, the chair provides thorough coverage from neck to buttocks, even targeting the Sciatic nerve.
  4. Zero Gravity Cradle: This feature allows for a neutral posture position that supports the body at precise angles, reducing pressure on the lower vertebrae and enhancing comfort.
  5. Multiple Massage Options: It offers a variety of pre-programmed and manual operation modes, which makes it versatile and adaptable to different users' needs.
  6. Heat Therapy: The chair incorporates heat therapy into its functions, adding another dimension to its relaxation features.
  7. Wireless Remote Control: It provides ease of use and eliminates unnecessary cord clutter.
  8. Movement Detection Sensor: This safety feature detects objects behind the chair during recline, preventing accidents.
  9. 30-Day Guarantee: Synca Wellness offers full satisfaction on all their products and will take back the chair for a full product refund or credit within the first 30 days (minus return freight & assembly charges).
  10. Manufacturer's Warranty Policy: This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of a defective frame, motor, electronic component, or defective part and applies only to the original owner.


  1. Price: At $1,999.99, the chair might be considered expensive by some and may not be within everyone's budget.
  2. Weight: At 103lbs (47kg), the chair might be difficult to move around for some people, despite its tilt and roll feature.
  3. Limited Color Options: With only three colors (Beige, Gray, Espresso) to choose from, some users may want more variety in order to match their home decor.
  4. Return Costs: While there is a 30-day guarantee, the customer is responsible for return freight and assembly charges.
  5. Non-Transferable Warranty: The warranty is only applicable to the original owner, which could be a drawback for those looking to sell or gift the chair in the future.
  6. Restrictions on Warranty Coverage: The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, improper assembly or maintenance, or installation of parts or accessories not originally intended or compatible with the massage chair.
  7. Location-Based Service Limitations: If the consumer is not located within 150 miles of a Synca Wellness authorized service provider, they will have to cover any additional mileage costs.


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