YX One three-wheeled all-terrain electric skateboard

Skate everywhere

Electric skateboards are a great way to get around and they're a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, not everyone live in a place where the roads are smooth or where it is even safe for an electric skateboard to be on the road. 

For such places, it is better to use an offroad electric skateboard like the YX One. With this all-terrain electric skateboard, you can enjoy electric skateboarding without smooth roads.

The YX One is a three-wheeled electric skateboard with big wheels (biggest ever used on an electric skateboard) and a suspension system supported by spring dampeners. It can go over sand, grass, gravel, and more. When used on the road, you don't have to worry about small rocks or other little obstructions throwing you off your board at high speed.

Powered by a 48V motor with a maximum output of 1,500W and a 624 Wh battery, the YX One can go up to 25 miles/hr (40 km/hr) and has a range of 37 miles (60 km). It can go uphill of more than 15% grade but the maximum grade it can go up is not mentioned probably because it also depends on the terrain.

All the power from the motor goes to the one rear wheel. According to the company that makes its, combined with the positioning of the front wheels, this will ensure maneuverability and control no matter the speed and terrain.

Wired controls

Most modern electric skateboards have a wireless remote. The YX One uses wired controls for a few reasons:

  • For better control when turning at high speed
  • For balance and stability at high speed
  • So you won't fall off the board too easily
  • To keep you on the board during jumps
  • To make sure you can operate the disk brake at all times
  • To prevent connection problems like in bluetooth systems


  • Top Speed – 25 miles/hr (40 km/hr)
  • Range – 37 miles (60 km)
  • Motor capacity – Nominal 750W/Peak 1,500W
  • Battery – 624Wh/48V/13Ah
  • Length – 38.5″ (980mm)
  • Max gradient – >15%
  • Max load – 120 kg
  • Front tire – 10″
  • Back tire – 13″
  • Weight – 22 kg
  • Braking – Disk Brake
  • Suspension –  Spring Dampeners
  • Waterproof rating – IP65
  • Charger input – 110 – 240V
  • Charge time – 3 hours to 80%


  • Good suspension system
  • All-terrain
  • Easy to ride
  • Removable battery
  • Good top speed
  • Good range


  • Bulky
  • Heavy
  • Indiegogo project


Conventional electric skateboards like the Stoke Board may not be practical where you live because of the road conditions. With YX One, you don't need road conditions to be perfect. In fact you don't even need a road. The YX One seems to be a capable all-terrain electric skateboard with good power, good suspension, and easy to control. It's quite big though, especially compared to normal road electric skateboards, and heavy too. Luckily the batteries are removable so can avoid carrying it over long distances by extending the range indefinitely with extra batteries.

Update: These guys did not deliver on their Indiegogo campaign promises. 

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