Stoke Board – Evolve Skateboard’s Surf-inspired Mini Electric

Stoke Board Mini Electric Skateboard

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The Stoke Board is one of the coolest looking electric skateboard you find on the market. It has a surf vibe to it with its swallow tail kicktail and clear grip tape that shows off the beautiful timber underneath - sort of like a retro surfboard look.

At 33.5 inches (850 mm) in length, it's a bit long for a short board but short enough to be easily carried around and short enough to feel like a short board. In comparison, the Boosted Mini X is 29.1 inches (749 mm) long and the Backfire Mini is 31 inches (787 mm) long.

The deck is made of eco-friendly bamboo and fiberglass and combined with Evolve Super-carve truck and Orangatang Caguama wheels, the Stoke Board carves even better than Evolve's own GTR longboards well known for carving.


Riding the Stoke Board feels like surfing but on concrete. It is fitted with ceramic bearings and connected to the back wheels are two 1500W motors for a total of 3000W of power. 

This allows the board to easily climb up to 30% hills.

There's a removable bash guard surrounding the motor to protect it from damage due the use of the kicktail or others. It also makes it easier to pickup.

Top speed is 22 mph, which is quite fast for a board this size. To compare, the Boosted Mini X has a top speed of 20 mph but the Backfire Mini can go faster at 24 mph in Sport mode and briefly at 26 mph is Turbo mode.

The 151.2 Wh Sony VTC4 Lithium Ion batteries are travel safe and can take you up to 10 miles (15 km) on the board. It takes 1.5-2hrs to charge with the standard fast charger.

Braking is smooth and contributes to charging the battery through regenerative braking.

The remote is the same one you get from Evolve's GTR series, the R-2 Remote with Bluetooth connectivity and instant trigger response.


  • Beautiful Mini Electric Skateboard
  • Carves really well
  • Powerful Motors
  • Fast
  • Can go up 30% hills
  • Removable travel safe battery
  • Fast charging (1.5 - 2 hours)
  • Range extendable with extra battery


  • Expensive
  • 10 mile range


If I were to choose between the Stoke Board and the Boosted Mini X, I'd probably go for the Stoke Board if money was no option. It looks better,  it's more powerful, and it's faster.

However at $1,299.99, the Stoke Board is lot more expensive than the Boosted Mini X ($999) and the Backfire Mini ($499).

I guess the Backfire Mini would be a more suitable option for most people but it's on Indiegogo at the time of writing. This means you won't get it immediately and perhaps even risk not getting it at all.

Stoke Boards are in stock and ready to ship in 1 or 2 days after ordering.

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