Black Box VR Gym – Real workouts in Virtual Reality

Fun and Private Gym

There are many reason why people don't go to the gym. People may say it's boring or they may hesitate because they don't know what to do when they get there or they may be self-conscious  about the current state of their physique.

For these 3 reasons, the Black Box VR Gym may be the perfect solution (provided you can find one near you).

Unlike FightCamp Gym, the Black Box VR Gym is an actual gym though it's not like any other gym you've ever been to. It's more like a massage parlour in that you get a private room all to yourself, so that takes care of your self-conscious issues if you have any.

Black Box VR Gyms use VR technology and a special cable machine to provide you with a fun full-body workout in a virtual world where you battle an opponent by doing moves like squats, standing bench presses, and rows to get your heart rate up and your muscles burning in no time. Your performance depends your speed, strength, and endurance.

The cable machine used in a Black Box VR Gym is controlled by the Black Box virtual reality engine to give you muscle and strength-building resistance for your entire body. The amount of resistance you get depends on your strength and previous performances.

Because of its competitive nature, you'll be pushing yourself more than a trainer or personal mental fortitude would. You'll be immersed in the virtual world in such a way that your instinct is to act rather than thinking how hard the workout is or when it would end. The game currently is a tower defense pvp but it may change in future or there may be more games coming.

After trying it for the first time you'll probably see how the Black Box VR Gym can be more effective than a traditional gym. Each workout lasts for 30 minutes and every minute is optimized through artificial intelligence and adaptive workout prescription. 

The Process

Unfortunately, the Black Box VR Gym is not accessible to everyone and you can't buy the machine for personal use. At the time of writing Black Box VR Gyms can only be found in San Francisco and Boise.

If you're new, you can get a 30-day free trial to use the gym. Sign up and book your workout session at Black Box. You can also download the Black Box VR app and set everything up from there.

With the app, you'll be able to create your account, choose your username, set your goals, and enter other details to personalize your Black Box VR experience.

You then book your first session to secure your private VR booth. On the day of the scheduled session,  you can check in via the app and receive your booth number.

When you arrive at the facility for the first time, staff members called Hero Trainers will give you a tour of the gym. After the tour, the Hero Trainers will then proceed to help you get set up.

The VR headset will have been cleaned, dried, sanitized with UV light. An AI trainer will help you set up further in the virtual world.

You game begins after the setup is complete. The more reps of a certain exercise you can do, the more likely you're going to win. You unlock additional, more powerful moves as you progress.

Using the Black Box gym is a great way to get your fitness level up without even realizing it.

After the game is over, you can a free serving of post-workout protein to help you recover. Watch the video below for more about gameplay and more.


  • Fun
  • Private
  • Clean headsets
  • You compete with other players
  • Motivating
  • Free post-workout protein
  • Showers available


  • Probably costs more than a normal gym
  • Can't buy for home use
  • Must book session
  • Not available everywhere


The Black Box VR Gym gamifies your gym experience and makes working out fun. It can really give you a serious workout and you can improve your strength and fitness without even realizing it. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, if you're not in Boise or San Francisco you won't be able to experience the Black Box VR. Also, you can't buy the system for use at home. At least not at the moment but Black Box might have to if they want to expand.

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