Hamboard – Experience the Californian Dream

Created by a family of surfers in Huntington Beach, California, the Hamboard Bamboo Fish™ Longboard mimics the speed and agility of a fishtail surfboard on water. It's the speediest of all Hamboards and at 4 feet 5 inches, is at the middle in terms length; the Classic Hamboard (the longest) is 6 feet 6 inches and the Biscuit Hamboard is 24 inches. According to the manufacturer,  “if you are 160 lbs or up go for either the Classic™ or the Pinger™ and if you are below that go for the Fish™Pescadito™ or Biscuit™.” The Bamboo Fish™ as the name implies is made of high quality bamboo, an eco-friendly material that is known for it's ability to reduce vibrations on the road and durability. It comes complete with top of the line ABEC 11 90mm Flywheels on the S8 truck – a small, classic truck. Hamboards are known for how well it turns and feels like your first time surfing.

$495 Buy

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