YOOATOM Origin 800: Unleash the Power of Modularity and Endless Energy Supply

Modular, Shareable, Secure, Powerful, Smart

The world is a majestic place, full of untamed wilderness, buzzing cities, and breathtaking landscapes. But as a wanderer, a vagabond, a drifter, one has to sometimes face the obstacle of being cut-off from civilization – the comforts of electricity, cold beverages, and warm meals. And, at these times, one often yearns for an energy solution that can bring a piece of home into the heart of the wild. Enter the YOOATOM Origin 800.

To sum it up in a nutshell, it's a modular power station, each module of which doubles as an independent power bank. This means you're not just carrying around a power station, but an entire power system that can be divided and shared – like a communal meal of energy, feeding all your gadgets and devices.

The Origin 800 offers a power hub, serving as your one-stop solution for keeping all your devices running – it's like a gourmet buffet, except instead of fancy cheese and wine, you have a smorgasbord of energy to choose from. With a whopping 13 output ports, you can connect everything from your laptop to your camping fridge, all while retaining the capacity to run heavier-duty appliances.

Modularity is at the heart of the Origin 800 – a feature that gives it a chameleon-like adaptability to meet your specific power needs. You can freely combine its Power Stacks (batteries) and Power Dock (top unit) to create an ‘Energy Vault' with varying capacities, extending from a reliable 460Wh to a jaw-dropping 720Wh.

The cherry on top is the flexibility to recharge this beast in five different ways – including solar and car charging options. The green aspect of solar recharging is especially appealing as we strive to minimize our carbon footprint on this planet we call home. It's quite like embracing locally sourced, organic food – except, in this case, it's energy.

When it comes to security, Origin 800 doubles down with dual-layer protection. It's not just a silent sentinel guarding against voltage or temperature fluctuations but a dedicated bodyguard that ensures your devices are shielded from any mishaps.

It also boasts innovative features like wireless charging, an ultra-fast 15ms Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), and unique additions like a lamp module and heating/cooling cup module. Imagine this: sipping a hot coffee in the chilly mountain air or enjoying a cool beverage under the hot desert sun – all powered by this marvel of technology.

The Origin 800 also leaps into the realm of smart technology with its user-friendly app, enabling real-time monitoring and control over all modules, even through voice commands. It's like having your own personal assistant – except it listens to you, each and every time.

In terms of design, the YOOATOM Origin 800 is far from a dull, lifeless machine. Its customizable light rings can dance along to your favorite tunes, and with a built-in microphone, they turn into a portable light show, adding a dash of color and excitement to your adventures.

Given its flexible nature, high-capacity, smart control, and security features, starting from $249 on Indiegogo, it's not just a power station, but an investment into your explorations, adventures, and overall outdoor experience. The Origin 800 brings the power to the people, quite literally. It's a utility tool that matches the spirit of a wanderer, always ready to adapt, and never failing to deliver. I say, it's time to unplug from the grid, take the power in your hands, and keep moving. Your journey awaits you.


  1. Modularity and Shareability: The Origin 800 isn't just a single power station, but a collection of power banks that can be used independently. This means you can share power with others or spread it across multiple devices as needed.
  2. High Capacity: It offers a significant energy capacity, from 460Wh to 720Wh, and a 800W AC output, enough to power heavier-duty appliances and electronics.
  3. Versatile Charging Options: It allows for charging in five different ways, including solar and car charging, making it a versatile solution for different scenarios and environments.
  4. Enhanced Security: It features a dual-layer protection system, safeguarding against potential failures and various threats such as overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, over temperature, overcharge, and low voltage.
  5. Smart Technology Integration: The accompanying app provides real-time monitoring of all modules and allows for voice control, bringing a degree of convenience and modernity to the power management experience.
  6. Additional Functionalities: Apart from providing power, it also includes practical modules like a portable lamp and a heating/cooling cup, enhancing its usability.


  1. Price Point: Starting from $249 on Indiegogo, it might be a significant investment for some people, particularly for casual users who might not need the high-capacity and advanced features it offers.
  2. Portability Concerns: Depending on how many Power Stacks (batteries) and Power Docks (top units) one opts for, the unit may become bulky and heavy, potentially impacting portability.
  3. Learning Curve: With its various modules, smart app controls, and numerous functionalities, there might be a learning curve for some users to fully understand and utilize all its features effectively.
  4. Dependent on Weather for Solar Charging: While the ability to recharge via solar power is a great feature, it's effectiveness will be dependent on weather conditions, which may limit its usefulness in some scenarios or geographic locations.

From $249

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