Space Campers’ Wedge: Unleashing Cybertruck’s Potential with Unique Design and Versatile Interiors

Versatile, Automated Camper for Cybertruck

Out there on the open road, we're not just talking about another toy for the techie on your Christmas list. No, my friends, Space Campers has thrown their hat in the ring with a one-of-a-kind, yet practical contraption that levels the playing field for all you adventurers waiting eagerly to cruise down the highways and byways in your much-anticipated Cybertrucks.

What is this marvel, you ask? Well, it's not your average camping trailer. It's an exquisitely designed, pop-up RV called the Wedge. But that’s not all. It's purpose-built to blend seamlessly with the Cybertruck's unusual bed, which, let’s be honest, is as quirky as a Picasso painting.

You may be thinking, “So, it's a camper… Big deal.” But here's where the excitement comes in. It's not just the Wedge's ability to transform the Cybertruck's unorthodox bed into a comfortable, flat sleeping area that's praiseworthy. It’s the remarkable adaptability of its interior panels which can convert into various configurations, a bit like playing with Lego bricks – from a cozy double bed to a lounger for some relaxed sitting.

The high-peaked roof is a marvel too, giving you a lofty 8 feet of standing height when the bed's out of the way – no more awkward hunching. Plenty of headroom, meshed sidewalls and door for ventilation, and a touch of elegance with bamboo lining and LED lighting make this camper a miniature mobile palace.

Then comes the effortless convenience. Space Campers has cleverly designed the struts for the pop-up roof to utilize Tesla's onboard air compressor for rapid, automated opening. We're talking seconds here, folks. No more fumbling around setting up your camper. Plus, it locks up tight with the Cybertruck's keyless tailgate locking system. Now, that's what I call a stress-free adventure.

But wait, there's more! A roll-up storm door doubles as an awning, integrated storage cubbies, tie-down points, 120-V outlets, and the promise of accessories like a kitchen, outdoor shower/bathroom, insulation, and solar power. Now, we're talking!

In an innovative twist, Space Campers has also announced a second product – the Cap, a hard-sided security cover for the Cybertruck bed. Taking a leaf from their own book, they've used the same design to create this addition. A smart move, indeed.

At $24,000, the Wedge camper may seem a bit steep. But considering the bespoke craftsmanship and the transformative features packed into this compact space, I believe it's a fair deal. The Cap’s price hasn't been revealed yet, but judging by the company's thorough approach, it should be worth every penny.

So, as you impatiently await your Cybertruck, let your mind roam free. Picture yourself cruising down Route 66 with your Wedge or Cap equipped Cybertruck. There you are, amidst Mother Nature, sipping a cup of joe as the sun sets, your pop-up camper a snug sanctuary against the world's worries. If that's not the epitome of freedom, I don't know what is.

To get a taste of this magic, all you West Coasters should make your way to the Tesla Takeover in San Luis Obispo, California, where the Wedge prototype will be unveiled. Trust me, this is something you won’t want to miss.


  1. Uniquely Compatible: The Wedge is specifically designed to fit the unique structure of the Cybertruck, ensuring a seamless integration and perfect fit which general RVs cannot provide.
  2. Versatile Interior: Its interior panels are highly adaptable, offering various configurations including a double bed and a lounger. This can significantly enhance the comfort and convenience for users during their travels.
  3. Highly Automated: By utilizing Tesla's onboard air compressor, the camper can be popped open in mere seconds. This ease of setup and breakdown can save time and effort, allowing users to focus more on enjoying their journey.
  4. Ample Space: The high-peaked roof provides an impressive 8 feet of standing height inside the pickup bed, giving it a spacious feel and ensuring ample room for movement.
  5. Integrated Features: Equipped with storage cubbies, tie-down points, and 120-V outlets, the Wedge camper is ready for modern life on the road.
  6. Optional Accessories: With the promise of add-on accessories like a kitchen, outdoor shower/bathroom, insulation, and solar power, users can customize their camper according to their needs and preferences.


  1. Price: With a starting price of $24,000, the Wedge camper is a significant investment. Depending on the add-ons chosen, the final price could rise considerably, making it an expensive choice for potential buyers.
  2. Prototype Stage: As of now, the Wedge is still in the prototype stage, meaning there could still be bugs and issues to iron out. This lack of a proven track record might deter some potential buyers.
  3. Dependent on Cybertruck: The Wedge camper is specifically designed for the Tesla Cybertruck. For those who don't own or plan to buy a Cybertruck, this camper will not be a suitable option.
  4. Limited Interior: While the modular panels offer flexibility, the interior of the camper is limited. For those accustomed to the amenities and space of traditional RVs, this might feel restrictive.
  5. Lack of Visual Appeal: The Wedge's design, although innovative and practical, might not appeal to everyone due to its unconventional aesthetic.
  6. Unconfirmed Future Upgrades: Promised features like the kitchen, outdoor shower/bathroom, insulation, and solar power are yet to be seen. This uncertainty may lead some customers to delay their purchasing decision.


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