MSCHF BWD – Probably the most outrageous shoe ever made

Can be worn from the front and back

MSCHF has quickly become a household name, gaining mainstream success with creations like the Wavy Baby and Big Red Boot. The Brooklyn-based art collective has taken what was previously confined to animation and turned it into wearable reality.

However, it seems that MSCHF is not content with simply pushing the limits of subversive footwear. Their newest design, the BWD, takes absurdity to a new level. Unlike other brands that have taken a more sensible approach to two-way sneakers, MSCHF has gone in the complete opposite direction, opening both ends of the shoe's construction.

While the base of the shoe is informed by existing styles, specifically classic skate shoes, how it's worn is far from standard. Slip into the shoe from the back, and it proffers a glimpse of normalcy, but the reverse is… just crazy.

The BWD will be available exclusively through the MSCHF Sneakers App on April 11th. We expect it to sell out really quick because one thing the MSCHF BWD is not is boring.

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