Xero Shoes Scrambler Mid – Ultra-Light Hiking Boot With Michelin Soles

Lightest technical hiking boots ever made

The Xero Shoes Scrambler Mid is a minimalist hiking boot designed for those who enjoy being close to nature and want to experience the terrain in a more natural way. At 11 oz for a Men's size 9, it's one of the lightest, if not the lightest hiking boot ever made.

Part of the reason that makes the Scrambler Mid so light is the FiberLite outsole developed by Michelin, the French tire manufacturer (and food critic). A thin textile layer embedded in the sole gives it strength and flexibility while minimizing weight. The sole has lugs with a pattern inspired by mountain bike tires to prevent mud build-up and maintain a good grip.

For extra comfort and protection is a layer of the company's proprietary foam called the TrailForm just above the sole. A welded toe cap and sidewalls with a breathable and abrasion resistant upper gives it the toughness to tackle the trail and keeps your feet dry. In case you need extra protection from the elements the Scrambler Mid also comes with gaiter hook.

Like all Xero Shoes footwear, the Scrambler Mid is flexilbe and features a zero-drop design (i.e. it's completely flat) and a wide toe box to keep your free and relaxed so can walk like you're supposed to. It also comes with a 5,000 mile warranty.

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