Ultra Barefoot Minimalist Xero Shoes

Invisible Shoes

Barefoot Hiking Huaraches

Originally called Invisible shoes because when you put them on, it feels like you have nothing on except for a thin layer of protection. Now they're called Xero Shoes because as more people use them they become less invisible. 

These Huaraches (thonged sandal, originally worn by Mexican Indians) are made of a very tough sole that comes with a 5,000 mile warranty. If you're looking for hiking sandals that will last a very long time then you might have just found them here.


  • You can tie it however you want
  • Minimalist barefoot shoe
  • Unique
  • Custom size


  • The string may be uncomfortable
  • DIY


The Xero shoes protect your feet from sharp objects. When using them, you can feel the ground more than normal shoes. They're made for hiking but the strings may feel uncomfortable. Xero Shoes are custom made (you send the drawing of the outline of your feet before your huaraches are sent to you).

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