Float Your Way to Adventure: Xero Shoes Aqua Cloud Sandals

Versatile, lightweight, comfortable, buoyant sandals

Ah, behold, the Xero Shoes Aqua Cloud. A shoe that promises not only to cradle your feet in comfort, but also to accompany you on adventures, both terrestrial and aquatic. A footwear designed for those of us who live life on the edge, those who feel the call of the wild, and those who just can't resist the lure of a good adventure.

Innovation and practicality, two facets of the same jewel. This iteration of their iconic Cloud sandal has certainly undergone a few changes. The rubber sole, for instance, appears to have undergone a significant evolution – a more durable, grittier version of its former self, designed specifically for water sports. That's right, the ocean, the river, the lake…your playground awaits.

The BareFoam™ footbed, extended through the heel, now offers a taste of unparalleled comfort. Quite like having your feet cradled by the gentle hands of nature herself. The lightweight design, a mere 5.2 ounces for a men’s 9, can float effortlessly on water. An endearing quirk, to ensure your shoes don't end up as hidden treasures at the bottom of the sea.

Now let's talk about the lacing, easy and comfortable. Their patented lacing system eliminates those dreaded pressure points traditional thong sandals create, providing security that, I must admit, is quite expected from a brand like Xero Shoes.

You see, the Xero Shoes Aqua Cloud is more than just a shoe. It's a philosophy, a belief in the power of natural movement and comfort. A zero-drop heel for a posture as majestic as a mountain, a wider, foot-shaped toe box that allows your toes to relax, and a low-to-the-ground design for impeccable balance and agility.

It's an invitation to let your feet do the talking. To bend, to flex, to feel. To experience the world in its raw beauty, all while enjoying the ‘just right' protection of a flexible sole. And at $49.99, it seems like a small price to pay for a ticket to a world of comfort and adventures. After all, if your feet aren’t as happy at the end of the day as they were at the beginning, perhaps it's time to step into the Aqua Cloud.

It's time to let your feet do what’s natural – to bend, to move, to flex and to feel, to truly, and safely, Feel the World® in total comfort. A life-changing comfort and superior performance. What else can a wanderer ask for?

Let's take a balanced look at the Aqua Cloud from Xero Shoes. As with any product, there are positives and negatives to consider. Here's my perspective:


  1. Versatility: The Aqua Cloud is designed for both wet and dry conditions. You could take these sandals on a hike or for a paddle in the river, making them a highly adaptable piece of footwear.
  2. Comfort: The expanded BareFoam™ footbed and shaped heel cup promise a high level of comfort. This could make them an excellent choice for long days of activity where foot comfort is paramount.
  3. Lightweight and Buoyant: At just 5.2 ounces per shoe (for a men's size 9), they're exceptionally lightweight, and the fact they float reduces the risk of losing them in bodies of water.
  4. Natural Foot Design: The wider toe box, non-elevated zero drop heel, and flexible sole mimic the shape and movement of the bare foot, encouraging natural posture and balance.
  5. Easy Lacing System: The patented lacing system minimizes pressure points that traditional thong sandals can create, offering a more comfortable and secure fit.


  1. Durability: While the shoe touts a new, more durable rubber sole, wear and tear might be an issue over time, especially under rigorous conditions. This is typical for most shoes and is not a specific disadvantage for the Aqua Cloud, but something to be aware of nonetheless.
  2. Foot Protection: Despite the flexible, FeelTrue® sole that offers “just right” protection, it may not provide enough support or protection for particularly rugged terrains or for people with specific foot conditions.
  3. Fit and Comfort: While the shoe is designed for comfort, individual preferences and foot shapes vary. What feels comfortable for one person might not work for another, and the toe box may be too wide for those with narrower feet.
  4. Price: While $49.99 may be reasonable for some, it might be considered high for a sandal by others, particularly if they're used to lower-priced options.
  5. Aesthetics: Style is a personal matter. While some may find the Aqua Cloud's design appealing, others may prefer a more traditional or sleek look in their footwear.

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