Force USA G20 Pro all-in-one trainer

14 different strength training systems in one

The Force USA G20 is a functional trainer, power rack, smith machine, leg press, multi-grip pull-up bar, suspension trainer, core trainer, lat pulldown, low row, calf raise, and swing arm station combo designed for home gyms and fitness enthusiasts who want to have a versatile and space-efficient training setup with just about everything you need to build a good physique.

The G20 Pro is made of heavy duty 11 gauge SteelForce tubing that can withstand a lot of punishment. It comes with dual 289 lb weight stacks attached to 2:1 cables rated at 2,000 lbs providing a natural and frictionless motion. An optional Lat Row Station upgrade provides a dedicated lat pulldown, lat row, and dip station with an additional 289 lb weight stack attached to a 1:1 cable. All weight stacks and front rack come with band peg compatibility for additional resistance with resistance bands.

The power rack on the G20 Pro features front-facing uprights with 65 adjustment points with laser-etched numbering. With Westside spacing it allows you to adjust your J-Hooks, Safeties or Monolift attachments at the desired level for bench presses, shoulder presses, squat, and more while making sure they're always even. It comes with 30 diverse attachments including training bars, handles, chains, spring collars, leg plate, core trainer rotating holder, J-Hooks, band pegs, and more.

The optional 5-foot swing arm with 6 lock-in positions can be used to hook up a punching bag or the Endless Rope Trainer. An additional G20 Pro upgrade kit (separate from Lat Row Station upgrade) include a leg extension and curl attachment, dip handle attachments, and jammer arm for press movements.

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