Edge Tub – The First Complete Portable Cold Tub

Portable, cools, heats, filters, and sanitizes

The Cold Plunge Tub may have gotten a lot of attention from the media but the Edge Tub might just be a better option when it comes to a complete cold bath therapy system because it does everything the Cold Plunge Tub can and more.

The Edge Tub is a portable, collapsible tub that can hold up to 75 gallons of water. It is made from military-grade drop-stitch, a complex material that involves woven aramid fibers heat-fused to layers of reinforced PVC resulting in an inflatable that's far more rigid than regular inflatables. It's the same stuff used to make inflatable SUPs, kayaks, and military boats. You wouldn't know it's an inflatable by just holding the tub in its inflated state.

The tub can be easily collapsed and packed away in a backpack without tools in 15 minutes and weighs only 25 lbs, making it easy to transport to different locations.

It also features a 1 horsepower wi-fi enabled chiller that can get the water down to 37ºF (~2.8ºC) without ice or up to 105ºF (40.5ºC) in under 3 hours. For comparison the Cold Plunge Tub cools down water to 39ºF (~3.9ºC). There's also a built-in filtration system with a 20 micron filter and non-chlorine based sanitizer to keep the water clean.

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