Wilson Airless Basketball the most hyped basketball ever

Wilson reinvents the basketball

Unveiled at the 2023 AT&T Slam Dunk Contest, the Wilson Airless Basketball is the first of its kind to make it to such a big stage. It's a basketball that doesn't require air to be inflated. with holes all over it and and doesn't require inflation.

Instead of the traditional rubber bladder found in most basketballs, the Wilson Airless Basketball uses specially chosen powder-like material worked with laser and then sealed and dyed to create a ball that feels and performs like a traditional basketball.

According to Wilson the Airless Basketball have dimension, weight, and rebound that almost meet the exacts specifications of an official NBA basketball.

One of the benefits of the Wilson Airless Basketball is that it requires no maintenance or upkeep, as there is no need to inflate it or check the air pressure. This can be especially useful for schools, parks, and other public facilities where multiple basketballs are used regularly.

The Wilson Airless Basketball is currently still at the prototype stage but according to Wilson engineers, things are looking good. We think Wilson should just make the ball available to the public and make the mistakes and go on from there.

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