The BPN X ROKA GP-1X Go One More Shield Sunglasses

Go one more till you can go no more

The Go One More mindset is defined as the relentless pursuit of progress in the face of the unknown and the unseen. When you choose to go one more you choose to go all in.

The BPN x Rōka GP-1x is a collaboration between Nick Bare, founder of Bare Performance Nutrition, and and performance sunglasses company RŌKA. These shield-style sunglasses feature Nick’s trademark motto “Go One More” etched on the lens. The one piece lens that go over the nose bridge enables a stereoscopic view ahead, enhancing depth perception. And without rims on the top part of the lens it also offers an obstructed view, enhancing peripheral vision. 

The GP-1X Go One More is designed for bright and sunny conditions across all environments. It uses a neutral lens to block out the most light without color distortion.

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