WeGym Rally X3 Pro Smart Resistance Bands have adjustable resistance and more

Sensors, touch display and adjustable resistance

If you're looking for something more than just regular resistance bands and something fancier and more expensive take a look at the WeGym Rally X3 Pro Smart Resistance Bands. They come with adjustable resistance from 10 lbs to 110 lbs so you don't need multiple resistance bands for different exercises. Changing resistance is easy. Simply slide the middle piece up or down the band to your desired resistance.

Two touchscreen LCD panels, one for each band, displays how much resistance you're using as well as calories burned and time elapsed. For more stats, the bands have bluetooth to connect to your smartphone so you can review even more stats.

There's a variety of exercises you do with the WeGym Smart Bands. According to WeGym there are 10,000 minutes from their certified personal trainers that you can do at home or anywhere.

Below is a review of an older version of WeGym resistance bands. The newer version looks a lot better and comes with more resistance.

Below is the review for the newer version of WeGym Rally X3 Smart Resistance Bands


  • Good range of adjustable resistance
  • High quality construction
  • You can do a lot of different exercises with this
  • Cool touchscreen display
  • Portable


  • A lot more expensive than regular resistance bands
  • There may be issues with finding a place to anchor
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