Vitruvian Trainer Plus provides up to 200 kg of digital weights

Smart home gym for heavy lifters

It may not have a screen and looks like a resistance band system with a base but unlike other smart home gym systems it allows you to life heavy without using traditional weights. The Vitruvian Trainer+ functions much like a cable machine but uses digital weights instead of plates. It weighs about 70 lbs but can provide up to 200 lbs of digital weights. The built-in AI reads your motion 1000 times per second to ensure that it loads the right weight for you in every moment. And it knows when you're starting to feel tired and responds with the ideal load to maximize your workout experience. There are four training modes including Time under Tension, Pump, Old School and Eccentric Only. The Trainer+ is designed to double your results in half the time.

The base model comes with a pair of lightweight handles and ankle straps but if you get the accessories package you can also get a long bar, short bar, bench, belt, rope, upgraded handles, workout mat, and safety cables. Made to last with a reinforced carbon fibre shell, the machine itself costs $2,990 and accessories package with everything is $500.


  • Premium hardware and construction
  • Cheaper than some lower quality smart home gyms


  • Software is OK but has room for improvement
  • Floor only cable
  • Have to pay extra for the accessories
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