Vulcan’s Absolute Training Kettlebells: Uniform Size, Maximum Performance

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Now, these Vulcan Absolute Training Kettlebells, they've got a spirit. They're like the gritty protagonist in an underdog tale, and they've undergone an evolution to get here. We're no longer talking about those commonplace cast-iron kettlebells, folks. These guys are a different breed.

Every inch of these kettlebells, right from their steel core to their broadened grip, has been designed with the user in mind. And it's not just any steel, mind you, but something a lot more robust than that old, cheap cast iron. There's a sense of heft and durability that screams ‘serious business’.

But what I absolutely adore about these Vulcan Kettlebells is the roomy handle design. Whoever thought of this deserves a pat on the back. You see, the wider grip means anyone, regardless of their hand size, can have a comfortable and secure hold. And the days of ‘pinched pinkies' during two-handed swings? History.

You'd also appreciate how they sit perfectly for presses, jerks, and snatches, in just the right position for both safety and performance. It's like a well-choreographed dance where every move just flows into the next, naturally and effortlessly.

The uniform size across all weights is a thoughtful touch. Traditional fitness kettlebells, with their increasing sizes as the weight goes up, can throw a curveball to your form, technique, and grip. With these, it's all about adjusting to the load, not the dimensions. That's clever, isn't it?

And it's not just about the looks and ergonomics. Their performance is quite the eye-opener too. For one, their steel composition ensures a more balanced weight distribution than any cast-iron kettlebell could offer. The handle texture, too, feels just right and holds chalk splendidly, which can be quite the boon during those intense workout sessions.

Whether you're working on one-arm lifts or two, these kettlebells are up to the task. The handle rests optimally on the forearm, decreasing the load on the soft tissues, which is a fantastic perk.

But here's the kicker – these kettlebells are the same size as their competition counterparts but without the stringent 100-gram weight tolerance. This translates to a more affordable price without skimping on the quality.

From the active enthusiast looking to add more to their routine to the serious fitness aficionados ready to push their limits, the Vulcan Absolute Training Kettlebells provide the perfect blend of quality, performance, and value.

It's not just about lifting weights; it's about lifting with style, confidence, and purpose. And these kettlebells, my friends, they've got all that in spades.


  1. Advanced Design: The patented Absolute design sets these kettlebells apart with its advanced and ergonomic features.
  2. Steel Construction: Unlike typical cast iron fitness kettlebells, these are made from robust steel that ensures durability and balance.
  3. Wider Grip: Offers a wider grip than most kettlebells, accommodating hands of any size and eliminating the risk of pinched fingers during two-hand swings.
  4. Uniform Size: All Absolute Training kettlebells are of the same size and shape regardless of weight, allowing for a safe progression from lighter to heavier weights without altering the form.
  5. Optimal Resting Position: These kettlebells sit in the perfect position on the forearm during presses, jerks, and snatches, increasing safety and performance.
  6. Great Texture: The natural steel surface of the kettlebell handle holds chalk well, providing an excellent grip.


  1. No Free Shipping: Additional shipping costs can increase the overall price.
  2. Powder Coating Wear: The powder coating on the kettlebells will wear off with use and metal-to-metal contact. While this doesn't affect the performance, it might reduce the aesthetic appeal over time.
  3. Handle Imperfections: The raw natural steel handles can have slight imperfections. While it lends to the uniqueness of each kettlebell, some users might find it bothersome.
  4. Price: Even though these kettlebells offer a high-quality workout experience, the price might be a bit steep for some, especially when compared to other brands.

From $48.99

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