Valo Hydrofoiling Jet Ski cost more than a Toyota SUV

World's fastest production electric boat

The Valo Hydrofoiling jet ski is a two-seater jet ski that can rise above water on retractable hydrofoils. Rising above water reduces drag and results in higher speeds without increasing horsepower. With a top speed of 50 knots (55 mph, 93 km/h) according to its developer, Boundary Layer Technologies, the Valo is the fastest production electric boat and production hydrofoiling craft.

However this claim turns out to be untrue since Hydrofoil Design Bureau's Sagaris Hydrofoiling Speedboat can go up to 59 knots (68 mph, 110 km/h).

It is still quick though and because it has a retractable hydrofoil, it fixes some of the problems with hydrofoils such as difficulty in loading onto trailers and usability on shallow depths.

Also, the Valo is an electric jet ski with a range of 68 miles (107 km) or approximately 1.7 hours at cruising speed of 40 mph (64 km/h). Charging to 50% takes 1 hour and 95% in 3 hours. It's quieter than any gas-powered jet ski and does not produce gas emission.

It's very expensive though. At $59,000, the Valo is more expensive than the starting price of any of the current SUV and truck offerings by Toyota. It's definitely not for the average guy. And the Valo is not your average Jet Ski.


  • Hydrofoils are retractable
  • Can be loaded on standard trailers designed for watercraft


  • Expensive
  • The product is unproven in the real world
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