Passchier Bamboo handlebars absorb vibrations for fatigue-free riding

Ideal material for handlebars

Unlike metals, bamboos have a natural cellulose structure that absorb vibrations. Bamboo handlebars have a slight flex to make your rides significantly more comfortable.

The flex is not extreme but it is enough to feel like there's some suspension beneath your hands.

However, the flex may affect precision handling when compared to stiff handlebars. When focused on performance it might be better to go for the stiff carbon fiber handlebar.

For everything else, a bamboo handlebar provides comfort and reduces fatigue-causing vibrations. It also looks great.

Passchier currently has 3 bamboo handlebars in their lineup.

  • The Astaire is almost straight with a 10 degree back sweep and 620 mm width
  • Gump 760 is 760 mm wide with a 22 degree backsweep
  • The Gump 650 is 650 mm wide with a 22 degree backsweep

In case you don't like the natural look of the handlebars, color coated versions are available.

And don't worry about durability. Passchier bamboo handlebars have been extensively tested to ensure it is safe and strong enough for biking.

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