Garmin Bounce Smartwatch for kids with tracking

Get your kids this instead of a smartphone

Kids should not have smartphones because they're likely to spend too much time on them, keeping them from doing what kids should be doing for their development like playing outside. But phones can useful for contacting your kids when you need to like when find out where they are when they're playing outside.

With Garmin Bounce you can contact your kids and track where they are without smartphones. All you need is LTE connectivity (subscription plan required) to enable all the features including text and voice messages and safety and tracking features. Using the Garmin Jr. app on your smartphone you can communicate with your kids and know where they are with real-time location tracking.

You can also set a parent-defined area where your kids should be staying within and receive notifications whenever they enter or leave them. The kids can send texts using customizable preset messages and emojis but only to parent-approved contacts and family group messages.

There's also the option for your child to check in at set location. You can even send them a notification to remind them to check in.

And when your child really needs help there's the Assistance feature where family contacts will be sent a message with a link to view the child's live location.

The Garmin Bounce also features fun games that encourage your child to move. Meeting daily activity goals rewards your child with gems that reveal pictures in a scrapbook featuring memories of all their adventures.


  • Delays giving your child a smartphone
  • No need to change phone providers
  • Features games that encourage kids to move
  • Garmin subscription is more. affordable than using Family Setup on an Apple Watch


  • Adds to your subscription costs
  • Cannot make calls
  • Messaging with the watch is limited to customizable preset messages and emojis
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