Gibbs Quadski – Land and Sea Monster

Get ready to fly on both land and water with the Quadski XL, powered by the BMW Motorrad K1300 engine! This beast can reach speeds of 45mph on both terrains, and it's all thanks to the lightweight composite hull, wide track, and low center of gravity.

The suspension is the most advanced piece of Gibbs engineering, making the ride and handling superb on land and retracting when on water. It's a complete transition in less than five seconds at the push of a button!

Plus, the Quadski XL's hull uses the amazing Gibbs High Speed Amphibian technology, providing a stable planing surface and lateral stability for responsive handling on water.

And check out the Gibbs jet drive, which is lighter and more compact than traditional marine industry water jets, providing high levels of thrust and maneuverability on water. In just seconds, you'll be flying across the water surface with the Quadski XL.

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