Tropicfeel Canyon HDry®: Waterproofing Meets Sustainability in Travel Footwear

Waterproof, Breathable, Comfortable, Lightweight, Sustainable

In the ever-shifting world of exploration and adventure, one seeks a trusty companion that can weather the storm. The Tropicfeel Canyon HDry® might just be that steadfast friend. This isn't just another shoe; it's an anthem for travelers who wish to traverse terrains without pause.

When the skies decide to open up and the rain pours, you'd typically find yourself looking for shelter, or lamenting over soaked shoes. With the Canyon HDry®, those worries are tales of yesteryears. Thanks to its impeccable seamless HDry® membrane, this shoe gives you extreme waterproofing. And before you wonder if this might leave your feet swathed in sweat, the answer is a resounding no. The same HDry® membrane is also a gatekeeper that allows for moisture absorption, ensuring that your feet stay cool, even on the most humid days.

But weather resistance is just the start. On long treks or unexpected excursions, comfort is paramount. With its EVA midsole and supportive ankle pads, the Canyon HDry® promises not just a walk but an embrace for your feet, inviting you to journey further than ever.

You see, traveling isn’t about the weight of your baggage, but the richness of your experiences. So, pack light, move swiftly. This shoe understands that ethos with its feather-like weight. It beckons you to carry less and experience more. And for those of us who can't be bothered with the intricacies of laces, or simply need to dash, its slip-on design, enhanced by Sprint Laces™ and a stretchy allure, makes for a hassle-free wear.

And while we're out there, understanding cultures, tasting new cuisines, and weaving tales of foreign lands, it's essential to be mindful of our planet. The Canyon HDry® resonates with this sentiment, crafted entirely from recycled upper materials. A nod to sustainability, a commitment to the environment.

For the price of €139, it isn’t just footwear you're investing in. It's a pact with the open road, a promise to the planet, and a commitment to comfort.

Travelers, wanderers, and seekers – the road awaits, and the Canyon HDry® ensures your feet are ready for every twist and turn.


  1. Waterproof: Seamless HDry® membrane offers extreme waterproof protection, ensuring dry feet in wet conditions.
  2. Breathable: The same HDry® membrane facilitates moisture absorption, preventing sweaty feet, even in humid climates.
  3. Comfort: EVA midsole and ankle support pads promise prolonged comfort, ideal for extended wear and long journeys.
  4. Lightweight: Designed to be travel-friendly, allowing you to pack light and stay nimble on your feet.
  5. Convenient Slip-on Design: Sprint Laces™ and 4-way stretch material allow for easy and quick wearing and removal.
  6. Sustainable: Constructed with 100% recycled upper materials, reflecting a commitment to the environment.


  1. Price: At €139, some might find the Canyon HDry® on the higher side in terms of cost.
  2. Specialized Design: Its features are primarily geared towards travelers and adventurers, which might not be suitable for everyday casual wear for some.
  3. Dependence on HDry® Membrane: While it offers both waterproofing and breathability, any potential wear and tear to this membrane could compromise these core benefits.


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