Yamaha CrossCore RC: The Ultimate City Bicycle

Powerful urban e-bike innovation

In the bustling metropolis, between the sprawling buildings and bustling streets, there's a new way to navigate the urban jungle. A way that brings together the thrill of wind in your hair, the joy of breathing easy, and the sheer pleasure of a ride on two wheels. This, my friends, is the Yamaha CrossCore RC.

What first struck me about this gem is its seamless blend of form and function. Yamaha has truly poured its 30-year expertise of crafting motor-assist bicycles into this model. It's a marvel how the 500 Watt-hour Lithium-ion battery is artfully encased inside the frame, not just adding to the aesthetics but also ensuring reliability and protection.

The machine is powered by the PWSeries ST, an impressive piece of engineering that can provide pedal assist power up to a breezy 28 mph. And trust me, whether you're weaving through peak traffic hours or embarking on a quiet evening ride, the Yamaha Quad Sensor System ensures a broad spectrum of power assist modes. Each one curated for the myriad ways one might choose to ride in the city.

For those wondering about safety – the hydraulic disc brakes are a revelation. Come rain or shine, they promise dependable braking power. It's a comforting thought, knowing that this beast has the power to charge ahead, but also the restraint to stop on a dime.

If you're the kind who believes in nighttime adventures, the powerful LED headlight will be a trusty guide, illuminating the streets with clarity. And with easy on/off access using the multifunction display switch, it's all about convenience.

The Yamaha CrossCore RC is not just about the ride, it's about the experience. The SR SuntourNEX fork provides that oh-so-subtle cushioning against the city's unpredictable terrains, ensuring that your rides are as smooth as they are exhilarating.

Designed with city dwellers in mind, the bike boasts of large volume 2” wide tires, ensuring even the roughest patches feel like a walk in the park. And if you're someone who likes to be prepared, the integrated kickstand and tabs for fenders and a rear rack mean you're ready for anything – be it a spontaneous shopping spree or an unexpected downpour.

The aesthetics are just as alluring. Available in hues of Painted Desert, Shiver White, and Urban Sage, there's a shade for every personality. Whether you're a sprightly young rider or someone rediscovering the joys of two wheels, the sizes – Small, Medium, and Large – ensure there's a perfect fit for everyone.

But what truly stands out is how intuitive the Yamaha CrossCore RC is. The integrated speed sensor, for instance, adjusts motor input to rolling speed, ensuring a natural power assist feel that's rare to find.

Last but not least, let's talk about the price. At $2,999, it's an investment. But considering the sheer craftsmanship, technology, and the promise of a redefined urban riding experience, I'd say it's worth every penny.

So, for those seeking to rejuvenate their daily commutes, or simply yearn for an adventurous romp through the city lanes, the Yamaha CrossCore RC is more than just a bicycle. It's a promise of what life on two wheels can truly be. Experience it. It’s a ride worth taking.


  1. Integrated Design: The 500 Watt-hour Lithium-ion battery is encased within the frame, ensuring not just a sleek look but also added protection and reliability.
  2. Powerful Pedal Assist: With the PWSeries ST, riders can reach speeds up to 28 mph. The Quad Sensor System offers a broad range of power assist modes tailored for various urban riding styles.
  3. Safety Measures: Equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, it promises consistent and dependable braking power, irrespective of weather conditions.
  4. Night-Time Readiness: A strong LED headlight ensures safe and clear nighttime rides.
  5. Comfortable Ride: The SR SuntourNEX fork provides cushioning against bumps, and the large volume 2” wide tires ensure a smooth ride even on rough terrains.
  6. Adaptable Features: With an integrated kickstand and frame tabs, riders have the option to attach fenders and a rear rack, enhancing the bike's utility.
  7. Intuitive Technology: The integrated speed sensor recognizes even minor changes in rolling speed and adjusts motor input accordingly, offering a more natural power assist.
  8. Aesthetic Choices: Available in multiple colors and sizes, catering to a wide range of personal preferences.
  9. Heritage and Experience: Yamaha's long-standing history in the e-bike industry, with over 30 years of experience, vouches for the bike's quality and performance.
  10. Multi-functional Display: Easy on/off button access and a range of display functionalities make for a user-friendly experience.


  1. Price: Priced at $2,999, it might be considered steep for some potential buyers.
  2. Battery Charge Time: With a 4-hour charge time, it might require some planning for those who use the bike frequently or for longer durations.
  3. Weight: Some might find the bike slightly on the heavier side, with the battery and motor weighing 6.61lb and 7.71lb respectively.
  4. Limited to Urban Commuting: Though it's tailored for city use, it might not be the best fit for those looking for off-road or rugged terrains adventures.


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