Timex Ironman x The James Brand: The Ultimate EDC Watch Fusion

Vibrant, Durable, Sustainable, Functional, Iconic

In the vast landscape of everyday carry watches, the collaboration between Timex and The James Brand stands out like a beacon. Two titans of the EDC world have combined their respective genius to create a timepiece that is as functional as it is stylish.

The TIMEX IRONMAN x James Brand watch is a testament to retro innovation meeting real performance. It doesn’t just capture the essence of the iconic TIMEX IRONMAN's legacy; it reimagines it. This isn't just a watch made for Ironman racing – though if that's your jam, more power to you. It's a fully-loaded companion, gearing you up for both land and sea adventures.

One of the first things that caught my eye is its vibrant design. The electric yellow resin case, juxtaposed with bright red pushers and a teal fabric strap, gives it a lively appearance. This isn't the James Brand's traditional minimalistic style; it's a refreshing departure into a more expressive design territory. Yet, it remains true to what made the TIMEX IRONMAN an enduring legend.

Beyond its striking looks, the watch is packed with features that any outdoor enthusiast would appreciate. The water-resistant resin case ensures durability up to 100 meters, which means it's suitable for a range of activities like swimming, snorkeling, and surfing. The acrylic crystal display is lightweight and designed to withstand impacts, while the INDIGLO backlight ensures clear viewing, even in the darkest environments.

The watch's functionality is further amplified with its 30-lap memory stopwatch, perfect for those training sessions where beating your personal record is the goal. And the top push buttons? They make operations a breeze.

Now, let's talk sustainability. The watch's fabric strap, made in partnership with #tide, is crafted from upcycled ocean-bound plastic collected from coastlines. It's not just a nod to environmental consciousness; it's a commitment. The plastic is sent to Switzerland using carbon-neutral transportation, where it's transformed into a premium material. It's a touch that speaks volumes about the brands' dedication to our planet.

In conclusion, the TIMEX IRONMAN x James Brand watch is a remarkable fusion of performance, style, and sustainability. It's a watch that resonates with the spirit of adventure, built for those who live their life to the fullest, whether on land or at sea. If you're in the market for a timepiece that combines functionality with a unique design, this might just be the one for you.


  1. Collaboration between EDC Titans: A product born from the expertise of two highly regarded brands in the everyday carry world, ensuring quality and reliability.
  2. Retro Innovation with Modern Performance: Combines the iconic legacy of TIMEX IRONMAN with modern features and design.
  3. Vibrant Design: Electric yellow resin case with bright red pushers and a teal fabric strap provides a fresh, eye-catching look.
  4. High Functionality: Offers a range of features such as a 30-lap memory stopwatch, countdown timer, customizable alarm, and INDIGLO display.
  5. Durability: The water-resistant resin case up to 100 meters and shatter-resistant acrylic crystal display makes it suitable for various activities.
  6. Sustainability: The partnership with #tide ensures the fabric strap is crafted from upcycled ocean-bound plastic, showcasing a commitment to the environment.
  7. Comfort and Fit: The slip-through fabric strap ensures comfort, and its adjustability fits wrist circumferences between 150 – 205mm (5.9 – 8.1in).


  1. Not Suitable for Deep Diving: While water-resistant up to 100 meters, it isn't suitable for scuba diving.
  2. Deviation from James Brand Aesthetic: Those who are fans of James Brand's minimalistic design might find the vibrant colors a departure from what they are used to.
  3. Potential Size Limitations: The watch may not fit those with wrist circumferences outside the range of 150 – 205mm (5.9 – 8.1in).


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