Discover the LionSteel x Emerson L.E.One: A New Era of Folding Karambit Knives

Precision-crafted, versatile, durable tactical knife

In the intricate world of tactical knives, the union between the Californian powerhouse Emerson and the boutique craftsmanship of Italy's LionSteel has given birth to a masterpiece. Enter the LionSteel x Emerson L.E.One, a knife that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation.

Historically, the Emerson Super Karambit held its ground as the preferred choice for those in the military and law enforcement sectors. But change is the only constant. Recognizing the need for evolution, Emerson collaborated with LionSteel, introducing a contemporary rendition of the classic folding Karambit.

The L.E.One's construction speaks volumes about its craftsmanship. Its frame-locking integral handle is precision-machined from a singular block of aluminum, emphasizing both durability and design. This robust handle cradles a 3.25” CPM MagnaCut hawkbill blade, which is as versatile as it is sharp. With four unique deployment methods, from the front flipper tab to the renowned Emerson Wave feature, this blade ensures readiness at a moment's notice. The Wave feature, an ingenious invention by Ernest Emerson, guarantees rapid deployment, faster than even an automatic knife, making it a critical tool in high-stress situations.

LionSteel's signature touch is evident in the L.E.One's solid frame-lock handle, meticulously milled from Ergal aluminum. This handle not only provides a sturdy grip but is also available in a palette of colors – black, red, green, and Earth brown – catering to individual preferences. Furthermore, the knife's REMovable Flipper system offers users a choice in deployment, emphasizing both safety and customization.

Reflecting on Emerson's legacy, there was a time when the term ‘tactical' was alien to the knife industry. Yet, Emerson Knives, with its unwavering vision, pioneered the category of Tactical Knives. Their iconic Emerson CQC-7 not only set the benchmark for tactical knives but continues to be a market leader even two decades later.

In essence, the LionSteel x Emerson L.E.One is not just a knife; it's a testament to the evolution of design, functionality, and legacy. For those who find themselves in the line of duty, where every second can make a difference, this knife promises reliability, efficiency, and a touch of elegance.


  1. Collaborative Craftsmanship: A seamless blend of Emerson's tactical design and LionSteel's Italian craftsmanship.
  2. Durable Construction: The frame-locking integral handle is precision-machined from a single block of aluminum, ensuring longevity and sturdiness.
  3. Versatile Blade Deployment: Offers four unique deployment methods, including the renowned Emerson Wave feature, catering to diverse preferences and situations.
  4. High-Quality Blade Material: The 3.25” CPM MagnaCut hawkbill blade is sharp, durable, and resistant to wear and corrosion.
  5. Customization: The REMovable Flipper system and a choice of handle colors (black, red, green, Earth brown) allow users to tailor the knife to their preferences.
  6. Legacy of Excellence: Backed by Emerson's reputation as a pioneer in tactical knife design, ensuring trust in the product.


  1. Potential Learning Curve: With multiple deployment methods, some users might require time to familiarize themselves with all features.
  2. Price Point: High-quality craftsmanship and materials might make the product more expensive than other knives in the market.
  3. Maintenance: The intricate design and features might necessitate regular maintenance to ensure smooth functioning.
  4. Weight and Size: The robust construction might make the knife slightly heavier or bulkier for some users, impacting portability.


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