The North Face Etip™ Recycled Gloves: Warmth Meets Touchscreen Precision

Warm. Stylish. Sustainable. Touchscreen-friendly. Grippy

Finding that perfect balance in touchscreen gloves has always felt like chasing the wind. You either sacrifice warmth for accuracy, or vice versa. And let's not get started on the fashion faux pas some of these gloves force upon us. But it seems we may have stumbled upon something special with The North Face's latest Etip™ Recycled Gloves.

These gloves have found that elusive harmony. They're warm, and I'm not just talking about grabbing a coffee on a brisk morning. No, these are the gloves you want when you're tasked with shoveling snow, but equally, when you want to snap a picture of that winter wonderland with your smartphone. The precision is on point, thanks to the U|R® Powered fleece on the palm which offers five-finger touchscreen capability. No more ungloved hand freeze when changing tracks or answering a call.

As much as functionality is a big selling point here, aesthetics haven't been overlooked. The sleek design, crafted with 93% recycled polyester and 7% elastane double-knit fleece, ensures you won't look like you've just walked out of a sci-fi movie. The gloves carry a subtle style, enhanced with little silicone dots on the palm which, beyond just adding flair, make holding onto things a breeze.

One of my favorite features, beyond the obvious, is their commitment to sustainability. A whopping 93% of the material is recycled, proving that you can be stylish, functional, and environmentally conscious all at once. Plus, they've incorporated thoughtful touches like the pairing clip to ensure your gloves stay together when you're not braving the cold.

So, whether you're gearing up for a morning run in the chill, heading out on an adventurous hike, or simply out for a leisurely winter walk, these gloves are crafted to serve you, all while keeping those fingers toasty and functional.

At $45, you're not just investing in a pair of gloves but a companion ready for whatever the colder months throw at you. They say jack of all trades, master of none, but these gloves seem to challenge that notion. They seem to master every trade they attempt.


  1. Warmth and Accuracy Combined: Unlike many touchscreen gloves, these ensure both warmth and touchscreen accuracy.
  2. Sustainable Materials: Made with 93% recycled polyester, they're an environmentally friendly choice.
  3. Stylish Design: They boast a sleek look without appearing overly techy or garish.
  4. Silicone Grip: The small silicone dots on the palm aid grip, making holding items easier.
  5. Full Touchscreen Compatibility: U|R® Powered fleece on the palm offers five-finger touchscreen capability.
  6. Versatile Use: Suitable for both high-intensity activities and leisurely strolls.
  7. Thoughtful Features: The gloves include a pairing clip to help keep them together.


  1. Price: At $45, they might be considered pricey for some consumers looking for basic gloves.
  2. Limited Material Diversity: Made mainly from polyester, there might be concerns about breathability compared to natural fibers.
  3. Potential Wear and Tear: The heavy reliance on touchscreen accuracy may mean over time, with wear, they might lose some of that precision.
  4. Style Constraints: While stylish to many, the design might not appeal to everyone or match all outdoor attire.


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