The Dango T01 TACTICAL™ WALLET: Compact. Capable. Crafted

Sophisticated wallet with survival tools

So, we're talking about the Dango T01 TACTICAL™ WALLET here. To say this is just a wallet would be doing it a disservice. This little number is like the Swiss Army Knife of the wallet world. A tool-shed that fits snugly into your pocket. If James Bond ever ditched the suit and decided to spend his days on a mountain, he'd carry one of these.

It's compact, sleek, and above all, rugged. Designed to weather whatever adventure you throw its way. It’s American-made, handcrafted in fact, combining industrial hardware with plush, top grain leather. It’s clear this isn't your grandpa’s billfold.

Carry up to 12 cards, secure in the knowledge that they're not only snug but shielded from wandering electronic eyes with its built-in RFID blocking. With a profile just over 0.3 inches thick, you won’t even know it’s there until you need it.

Its body, made from 6061 aerospace-grade CNC'd aluminum, weighs in at just over 2 ounces. It's tough but surprisingly light. And it doesn't skimp on the amenities either. Need to pop open a cold one after a long hike? This wallet doubles as your bottle opener.

But the star of the show is the Dango MT02 Multi-Tool. It's like having a tiny toolbox tucked away with your credit cards. This piece of high carbon, corrosion-resistant stainless steel packs more than 14 functions into a slim profile that slides seamlessly into the card cavity. Need to cut some paracord or pry a nail? No problem. Fancy watching a video on your phone while you catch your breath? It’s got you covered with its phone stand. The multi-tool locks securely into the wallet chassis, so you can get a solid grip when using the serrated and sharpened edges.

And the best part? It's TSA compliant when the multi-tool is removed. But remember, if you’re flying, take the multi-tool out beforehand. We don’t want any hold-ups at security.

If you're an active type, someone who loves adventure and the great outdoors but appreciates the value of sleek, well-crafted gear, then the Dango T01 TACTICAL™ WALLET might just be your new favorite accessory.

It's more than just a wallet. It’s a testament to ingenuity and craft, a companion for the modern explorer. So go ahead, slide it into your pocket, and take on whatever the day throws at you.


  1. Versatility: With over 14 functions built into the included MT02 Multi-Tool, this wallet serves as a compact utility tool for various needs in addition to carrying your cards and cash.
  2. Compact and Lightweight: Despite its multi-functionality, it maintains a slim profile and is crafted from lightweight yet sturdy materials, making it suitable for everyday carry.
  3. High Quality Materials: Made from high carbon stainless steel, CNC'd aluminum, and genuine top grain leather, this wallet promises durability and longevity.
  4. RFID Blocking: This feature provides an added layer of security to protect your cards from digital theft.
  5. Made in USA and Handcrafted: These aspects contribute to its superior build quality and support for local businesses.
  6. TSA Compliant (when the Dango Multi-tool is removed): It's designed to be travel-friendly, although the multi-tool needs to be removed when passing through airport security.


  1. Price: At $89.00, it is significantly more expensive than typical wallets. This cost might be prohibitive for some customers, despite its unique features.
  2. Card Capacity: It can hold up to 12 cards, which might not be sufficient for individuals who carry a lot of cards daily.
  3. Multi-Tool Removal for Travel: While it is TSA compliant when the multi-tool is removed, the requirement to take out and store the multi-tool separately might be inconvenient for frequent flyers.
  4. Not Fully TSA Compliant: The multi-tool itself is not TSA approved, so you need to remember to remove it before flight. This could lead to inconvenience or potential loss of the tool if forgotten.
  5. Complexity: While the multitude of tools can be a boon for the right person, for those wanting a simple, straightforward wallet, this might be overkill. The multi-tool, with its many functions, may require some learning to use effectively.

So, while the Dango T01 TACTICAL™ WALLET has many unique features and a robust design that make it an excellent option for the outdoor enthusiast, it's also essential to weigh these against the potential downsides based on individual needs and lifestyle.


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