Tempo Move is a smart home gym in a side table

It's a gym and a great piece of furniture

If you can only workout in your living room, the Tempo Move may be a good option. It looks like a sleek side table that could look great in any living room. Inside the magnetic cover than opens from both sides are olympic-style smart plates including 4x 5lb plates, 4x 2.5lb plates, and 4x 1.25lb plates. From the top of the table you access a compartment that stores 2x 7.5lb olympic-style dumbbells. There are also 4x clip-on weight collars for easy weight adjustment. The plates and dumbbells are of very high quality. The cost of these plates and dumbbells elsewhere could probably exceed the asking price of the Tempo Move. It's a very good value as you get a side table, dumbbells, plates, and storage for said dumbbells and plates. There's also a dock for your iPhone that connects to your TV for viewing the workouts.

The Tempo Move is more than just a side table with dumbbells and a workout program though. It uses the camera on your iPhone to scan the weights you're using for record keeping. It can also tell the number of reps you complete and detect your form so it can provide feedback. Tempo tracks your performance and provides a custom training plan as you improve.


  • Very good value
  • High quality side table
  • High quality equipment
  • Can detect your form
  • Accurate rep count
  • Records the weights you use
  • Can adjust weights manually if you use non-Tempo plates
  • Software updates may improve Tempo Move even more
  • Apple watch integration
  • Great long term value


  • May require good lighting for weight detection
  • Cannot use your own weights for weight detection
  • For iPhone users only
  • Currently have limited form detection
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