Supernatural for Oculus Quest – Getting fit with VR

NIke Adapt Huarache Self-Lacing Shoes

Beat Saber for Fitness

In case you didn't know, Beat Saber is a popular VR game that requires you to slash virtual objects coming at you in rhythm to music with virtual light sabers. It's a lot healthier than traditional games because it involves a lot of intense movement.

In a way, Supernatural for Oculus Quest is like Beat Saber except instead of the Tron-like environment and aggressive EDM in Beat Saber, you are immersed in a chill photorealistic natural setting and gym-friendly mainstream hits.

You also get curated workouts and movement patterns designed for a good workout. A human instructor pushes and guides you through the whole process.

More importantly, Supernatural is designed to be exciting and fun so that users will keep coming back for more. An effective workout program, some say, is one you can stick to in the long term.

Chris Milk – Co-Founder of Within

“There’s ways to get exercise that are fun that existed in the world before virtual reality. Things like skiing or snowboarding or mountain biking or playing soccer with your friends. But you don’t think of those things as exercise necessarily, or fitness. You think of them as sports. But they work in the same way and they can still give you a great workout — except you’re never on the snowboard run thinking ‘Why do I have to do another squat?’ The exercise comes out of the fun activities that you’re doing, and what we saw when we started exploring all these different home fitness solutions was there just wasn’t anything that felt fun.”

No PC required

VR usually takes a fairly powerful PC to run but the Oculus Quest is a standalone VR headset that does not require a connection to a separate computer. That means you can take it everywhere and there are no wires to contend with. 

However, if you want, you can still connect the Oculus Quest to a PC to play SteamVR games or VR games from other providers. 

Charging the Nike Adapt Huarache?

The Adapt Huarache can be charged wirelessly on the included wireless charging pad.

A full charge takes about 30 minutes and can last for about 14 days of normal use.

You should not leave the shoes on the charger for more than 24 hours.

What's in the box?


  • Self-Lacing
  • Cool
  • Can be controlled via Siri
  • Can be controlled via Apple Watch


  • Expensive
  • Motor adds weight
  • Sells out quick


The Nike Self-Lacing Adapt Huarache retails for about $350 or £300 in the UK. It's a very expensive shoe but with the technology involved, many people are saying it's well worth the money.

However, the motor adds a bit of weight to shoe. If you want a shoe that maximizes your performance in sport or other activities, you're probably better off with cheaper alternatives.

The Nike Adapt Huarache is a cool and convenient shoe better suited for everyday use.

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