Theragun mini the Perfect-for-travel percussion massager

The new smallest Theragun

Previously, the Theragun Liv was the smallest and lightest Theragun massager ever made. The Theragun mini is a lot smaller, and it's size may appeal to a lot of people, especially travellers or those who are out and about a lot.

The mini is small enough to fit in some cargo pants pockets or jacket pockets. It can definitely fit in a small backpack without taking too much space.

Quiet but not as powerful

Theraguns are known for being loud and powerful. The mini, however, is described as being so quiet, you can hardly hear it. Thanks to the power of Therabody's (the company previously known as Theragun) QueitForce Technology. This technology is not limited to the mini. The more powerful Theragun Pro also use this technology but with a more power motor.

Speaking of power, the mini ($200) produces 20 pounds of force and has 3 speed settings. The most powerful, the Theragun Pro ($599) can produce 60 pounds of force. So the mini is a third less powerful than the Pro for a third of the price.

Theragun Prime ($299) produces 30 pounds of force and Theragun Elite ($399) produces 40 pounds of force. The previous lightest in the lineup, the Theragun Liv ($199) produces 30 pounds of force.

Also, the distance travelled by the Theragun mini massager tip is 12 mm instead of the usual 16 mm for Theraguns since the original. The 16 mm travel provides a deeper massage compared to the competition (like the Hypervolt). This means if you have thick muscles, the mini may not be sufficient.

However, if the Hypervolt can give you a good enough massage, so can probably the mini. Its main advantage over the other offerings is portability and convenience. It's great for the on-the-go massage.

Other features

  • 3 speed settings: 2,400, 2,100, 1750 PPM (percussions per minute) – use the setting most comfortable for you (they say it's scientifically calibrated  ¯_(ツ)_/¯  )
  • a unique way to hold it with its unique shape and ergonomic grip
  • 150 minutes of battery life (2 1/2 hours!)
  • includes soft carry case, power adapter and one standard ball attachment
  • compatible with massage tips from other Theragun models


  • Compact
  • Good battery life
  • Quiet
  • Tip compatible with other Theragun models
  • Theragun's cheapest option


  • Only one attachment included
  • The least powerful Theragun
  • Massage may not be as deep as the other models


The size and shape of the Theragun is quite appealing. You can bring it on your travels or trips to the gym. It's less fuss than a full-sized percussion massager. It's also likely going to be used a lot more at least for some. However, it might lack the power required for people with thick muscles. Also the mini does not give you as deep a massage as others in the Theragun lineup.

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