Ring Fit Adventure- Getting fit with Nintendo

Play a video game and get fit

According to some experts, instead of going to the gym (unless you love going to the gym) you should do something fun that can get you in shape. If you like gaming, the Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure can be a fun way to get fit.

The immersive gameplay can make you forget you're working out, which can help you work out longer. The Ring Fit Adventure is still challenging though, but it's the kind of challenge you're excited to face every day. You might even get fit without even knowing it.

What is it?

The Ring Fit Adventure is a role-playing game (RPG) made for the Nintendo Switch. It comes with two new accessories to the Nintendo Switch: the Ring-Con and Leg-Strap.

The Ring-Con is like a pilates ring with a slot for the Joy-Con. The Leg-Strap is a leg strap with a slot for the other Joy-Con.

Using both accessories you control the in-game movement by doing yoga poses, squatting, jogging in place, and more. You can also squeeze and stretch the Ring-Con. There's quite a variety of movements you can do with the accessories.

There are four modes in Ring Fit Adventure. In Adventure mode you fight monsters and go through obstacles. To move forward you need to run in place. Squeeze the Ring-Con to fire an air blast. Point the Ring-Con downwards and squeeze to jump. When fighting an enemy there are a variety of moves that you need to do but you'll be doing a lot of squats in the beginning.

There's a Challenges and Minigames mode for a quick game or compare scores with a friend. To create a customized workout routine mix with minigames, there's Custom mode. There's even a multi-task mode where you can watch TV while using the Ring-Con and Leg-Strap to be synced later with the game.

Is it a legit workout?

Even if you are fit, the Ring Fit Adventure can still kick your butt. There's quite a resistance when you squeeze and stretch the Ring Fit. The squeezing and stretching gets harder when you have to do it in different poses.

If you run faster, your character will run faster as well. So if you want to challenge yourself, sprint whenever running is required.

Listen to a fitness expert review the Ring Fit in the video below. It's probably more difficult than you expect.


  • It's a fun workout
  • Can be addictive
  • Measures your pulse and heart rate
  • Can be an intense workout


  • Can be too addictive
  • Repetitive dialogue
  • The virtual world may seem empty and lifeless despite the upbeat music and colors.


There's a lot of research indicating the positive benefits of working out. If it takes a video game for you to get off the couch, you should go for it.

With the Ring-Con and Leg-Strap, you'll not only level up your character, you'll be leveling up yourself.

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