StairMaster StepMill 3 – Flight to Fitness

One of the best ways to get fit quickly is to climb up stairs. In fact research suggest climbing stairs beats jogging, swimming, cycling, and tennis in burning more calories per minute. There are plenty of machines that mimics climbing stairs and the StairMaster Stepmill 3 is one of the best. Muscle & Fitness magazine even goes so far as to say “if you’re going to break the bank on any single piece of equipment, do it on the StepMill 3.” Designed after the StepMill 5, StepMill 3 is made smaller to fit the door of your home. It has heart rate contact sensors to monitor heart rate as you work out, 6″ steps for easy stepping motion, a console that tracks your time, calories, heart rate, level, floor climbing rate, floors climbed, and workout profile and features at least 25 motivating programs, wheels for easy transport, and an automatic safety stop sensor just in case anything goes wrong.

$2,999 Buy

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