Concept2 Rower – Train like an Astronaut

On Rowing
To prepare astronauts for space travel, the National Space Biomedical Research Institute trains them like elite-level rowers. Why? According to Benjamin Levine, M.D.,  “Because of the unique cardiovascular stresses, rowers have the largest hearts of any competitive athlete.” So if you want the heart of a champion, better get rowing.

Concept2 Rowing Machine
There are many rowing machines out there, but we don't know any that can beat the dependable performance of Concept2's Model D Indoor Rowing Machine. It gets hundreds of 5-star reviews from users, which is rare for such a high-priced fitness equipment. The Model D is the same rower used by Olympians and other elite-level athletes and has a Performance Monitor that gives you accurate, comparable data for every row. When you're done rowing, the quick-release framelock mechanism allows you to separate the machine into two pieces for easy storage. There's also the Model E rower, the difference of which is explained in the video.

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