Concept2 Rower – Train like an Astronaut

On Rowing
To prepare astronauts for space travel, the National Space Biomedical Research Institute trains them like elite-level rowers. Why? According to Benjamin Levine, M.D.,  “Because of the unique cardiovascular stresses, rowers have the largest hearts of any competitive athlete.” So if you want the heart of a champion, better get rowing.

Motivational Fitness Video
Motivational Fitness Video

Concept2 Rowing Machine
There are many rowing machines out there, but we don't know any that can beat the dependable performance of Concept2's Model D Indoor Rowing Machine. It gets hundreds of 5-star reviews from users, which is rare for such a high-priced fitness equipment. The Model D is the same rower used by Olympians and other elite-level athletes and has a Performance Monitor that gives you accurate, comparable data for every row. When you're done rowing, the quick-release framelock mechanism allows you to separate the machine into two pieces for easy storage. There's also the Model E rower, the difference of which is explained in the video.

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