Hyperwear Sandrope – Better than Battle Ropes

Weighted Battle Rope

We've seen many MMA fighters and other professional athletes include battle ropes in their training. They're very intense and work multiple muscles at the same time.

Sandropes are even better because you get the same benefits of battle ropes but since they're filled with 30 lbs of sand, they can be a lot harder. Harder workouts often lead to better results.

There's also a lot more you can do with Sandropes compared to battle ropes; as anchoring is optional, it opens up a range of possible moves that includes dragging the Sandrope at full speed, working with a partner at the other end, and grabbing both ends of a single Sandrope with both hands and slamming it to the ground like chopping wood with an axe.


  • Only 10 ft long and takes up less space
  • More training options than battle ropes
  • Durable


  • Expensive
  • May not work great when used as a battle rope


A Sandrope gives you more training options compared to battle ropes and at 10 ft long they also take up less space. It's a great fitness equipment with multiple uses. You can use either one or two at same time to build up strength and stamina.

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