Jacob’s Ladder 2 – Biggest Loser Ladder for Home Use

Climbing up a ladder is easy but doing it as fast as you can on one that has no end can very quickly get you out of breath. Also known as The Biggest Loser Ladder, the Jacob's Ladder is a treadmill set at a 40 degree angle with rungs for climbing instead of a flat surface for running. The angle of inclination puts the spine in a neutral position, which takes stress off the lower back and engages core muscles. Movement is powered by the user; the faster you go, the faster it goes. The Jacob's Ladder 2 features steel rungs covered in polyurethane sleeve and is 27.25” wide, narrow enough to fit most interior doors. It also has a screen that displays distance, heart rate, elapsed time, speed, and calories, which is powered by a 110 volt output. See if you can beat Justin Stewart's record of 763 feet in 5 minutes.

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