Spyderco Vallotton Sub-Hilt G-10: The Ultimate Union of Style and Strength in Your Pocket

Innovative, Durable, Versatile, Elegant, High-Performance

There's something inherently romantic about the artisanal craftsmanship of a well-made knife. It's a tool, a work of art, and a testament to human ingenuity all wrapped up in a single, beautifully crafted piece. Enter the Vallotton Sub-Hilt, a collaboration between Butch Vallotton and Spyderco, two juggernauts in the knife world.

Vallotton, a self-confessed gadget aficionado, started his journey in the world of knives out of sheer passion and curiosity. The subsequent evolution into a full-time professional was almost an act of serendipity. His fascination with automatic knives and his innovative thinking led him to create the ambidextrous blade thumb stud – a feature that this Sub-Hilt proudly showcases.

What catches my eye first about this knife, however, is its distinct international flair. The modified coffin-shaped handle, crafted from polished black G-10, brings an Italian essence to the table, merging style with substance. The stainless bolsters fit like a tongue in groove, testament to the meticulous attention to detail that's gone into this piece.

But where this knife truly shines is in its blade. The CPM S30V powdered steel, courtesy of Crucible Steel Inc., has been sculpted into a modified Tanto shape, a design that brings together the best of both worlds – cutting performance and point strength. A hollow grind at the cutting edge and a convex grind at the tip signify a remarkable synthesis of functionality and form.

The Vallotton Sub-Hilt comes with a Michael Walker LinerLock, a four-position clip, and screw-together scale construction, making it adaptable for a variety of carry configurations. The G-10 handle, being rigid, non-slip, and resistant to temperature changes and chemicals, adds to the tool's overall robustness and user-friendly nature.

At an MSRP of $410.00, the Vallotton Sub-Hilt is no small investment. But, if you appreciate a well-made tool, an artisanal blend of form and function, then it's a price that doesn't seem exorbitant. There's an undeniable allure to owning something that's been meticulously crafted, that bears the marks of an artisan's touch – and this knife, with its blend of innovation and tradition, certainly fits the bill.

So, to all the adventurers, the explorers, the ones who appreciate the beauty of a finely crafted tool – the Vallotton Sub-Hilt is a piece worth considering. Its design speaks volumes about the thoughtfulness and precision that has gone into its making, offering not just utility, but also a piece of history and craftsmanship to its beholder.


  1. High-Quality Materials: The use of CPM S30V powdered steel for the blade ensures durability and excellent cutting performance. The G-10 handle is non-slip, resistant to temperature changes and chemicals, enhancing the knife's overall longevity and usability.
  2. Innovative Design: The combination of Spyderco's Trademark Round Hole and Vallotton's ambidextrous thumb stud provides versatility in the blade's operation. This design is unique to this model, allowing both easy opening and secure locking.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: The blend of brushed stainless bolsters and a polished G-10 handle gives the knife an elegant and sophisticated look. The modified coffin-shaped handle adds a distinct flair.
  4. Versatile Carry Options: The inclusion of a four-position clip allows for a variety of carry configurations, increasing its convenience for the user.
  5. Renowned Collaboration: The knife is a product of the collaboration between Butch Vallotton, a respected name in the knife-making industry, and Spyderco, a well-known brand. This assures high standards of craftsmanship and quality.


  1. Price: With an MSRP of $410.00, the Vallotton Sub-Hilt G-10 is a significant investment. While the high-quality materials and craftsmanship may justify the price for some, it may be out of reach or seem excessive for others.
  2. Size and Weight: At a closed length of 5 inches and an overall length of 8.7 inches, it might be a bit large or heavy for some users, particularly for everyday carry.
  3. Complexity: While the ambidextrous thumb stud is innovative and useful, it may take some time to get used to, especially for those accustomed to more traditional knife designs.
  4. Maintenance: The high-quality materials and complex construction might require more maintenance and careful handling compared to more rugged or simplistic models.
  5. Limited Use: As a folding knife, it may not be suitable for all tasks that a fixed-blade knife could handle. Users needing a tool for heavy-duty tasks might find it less practical.
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