Speediance Gym Monster all-in-one Free-standing home gym

It's a cable machine with smart features

The Speediance Gym Monster is a multifunctional workout station that provides a full-body workout using cables that can be configured in many different ways. The cables can provide up to 110 lbs of resistance each for a total of 220 lbs. The resistance is in the form of digital weights, which can feel heavier than real weights. They're also adjustable in 1-lb increments so you can dial it to the the exact weight you need.

One of the best feature of the Gym Monster is that it is free-standing, which means there's no need to mount it to the wall and it can be easily moved with the built-in wheels. When not in use, the platform can be folded up to save space.

The Gym Monster also features a 21.5″, 1080p touch-screen display that can be tilted down so that you can look at it while doing bench presses. The screen can be used to adjust resistance, take the strength assessment test, select and view workout programs, view stats, and more.

Cables on the Speediance can be attached to the sliders on the vertical bars and to the base. The basic version (Speediance Works) includes as long barbell, tricep rope, handle, ankle strap, ski handle, bluetooth controller, barbell hook, barbell pad and a flat bench. For $300 more (Speediance Family) you also get a rowing bench, yoga mat, and short barbell bar.

A subscription is optional but at the time of writing you get a lifetime membership for free with purchase.

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