Bicep Board by Mark Bell Sling Shot optimally isolates the biceps

Emphasize more on biceps and less on forearms

The Bicep Board by Mark Bell Sling Shot is a piece of fitness equipment designed to help individuals effectively target and train their bicep muscles. It consists of a rectangular board with a slot for a 1.5″ dumbbell handle and a safety latch to make sure it doesn't slide off.

The Bicep Board is used primarily for bicep curl exercises, and its unique design allows for greater isolation of the bicep muscles than traditional bicep curl exercises using dumbbells or barbells. The idea is that by keeping the flat side of the dumbbell parallel to the ground when doing dumbbell curls, it reduces the involvement of the forearm in the movement resulting in a more direct and continuous tension on the biceps.

With the Multi-use Adapter accessory sold separately, you can use the Bicep Board with a cable machine , resistance bands, or kettlebells.

Mark Bell is a former powerlifter and the founder of the Sling Shot brand, which produces a range of fitness equipment designed to help athletes and lifters improve their performance and reach their goals.

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