Spartan-KA-BAR: A Legend Reborn in SteelSpartan-KA-BAR:

Iconic Military Knife, Modernly Enhanced

Well, isn't that a thing of beauty? An emblem of military utility and timeless craftsmanship, the KA-BAR knife, has been a faithful companion for soldiers through countless conflicts. From the shores of Normandy to the deserts of Iraq, this knife has proven its mettle. But what we have here, the Spartan-KA-BAR, is like a phoenix rising from the ashes, reborn with even more grit, character, and undeniable charm.

Partnering with Spartan Blades in 2019 to form Pineland Cutlery, KA-BAR sought to enhance the venerable KA-BAR knife, to grant it better edge retention, toughness, and corrosion resistance. A task not as simple as it may sound. But then again, isn't that what we thrive on? The challenge, the pursuit of perfection?

Our knight in shining armor is a metal called CPM MagnaCut®, courtesy of Crucible Industries, an American company with a reputation for crafting some of the best specialty steels out there. This material was specifically developed for the cutlery industry, catering to the most demanding of craftsmen. The result? A tool that's not just robust, but also incredibly sharp, with an edge that can endure a lifetime of adventures.

Now, let's talk about the Spartan-KA-BAR itself. This isn't just a knife; it's a testament to the marriage of tradition and innovation. The classic design of the KA-BAR MKII has been augmented with cutting-edge technology, and the result is awe-inspiring. The blade is lighter, yet tougher, and its hardness on the Rockwell scale is a testament to its resilience. Whether you choose the flat black or flat dark earth color options, you can rest assured knowing your blade has been cryogenically heat-treated and further fortified with either a PVD-tungsten DLC coating or a Zirconium nitride coating.

And it doesn't stop there. The Spartan-KA-BAR ditches the traditional stacked leather ring handle for a modern, Kraton G polymer handle. It's sleek, it's durable, and it's a treat to hold. The knife also features a stainless steel butt-cap and guard, coated in matching PVD tungsten DLC or ZrN coating. And let's not forget about the sheath options – traditional leather or tactical Kydex, each adding its unique flair to the package.

The Spartan-KA-BAR, in my opinion, is a perfect example of the evolution of craftsmanship. It takes a classic, well-loved design and breathes new life into it with modern technology and materials. It's a testament to the spirit of innovation and the desire to constantly improve, to adapt, and to overcome. Despite its $335 – $385 price tag, I have no doubt that this knife will find its place in the hearts of many, just like its predecessor did. After all, the Spartan-KA-BAR is not just a knife, it's a symbol of heritage, resilience, and unwavering resolve.


  1. High-End Material: The use of CPM MagnaCut® steel, a high-quality stainless steel, ensures the blade offers superior edge retention, toughness, and corrosion resistance.
  2. Advanced Manufacturing Process: The application of CNC machining, deep cryogenic treatment, and PVD coatings results in a robust and durable blade with a hardness rating of 61 to 63 on the Rockwell scale.
  3. Modern Handle: The Kraton G polymer handle offers a modern, durable, and comfortable grip compared to the traditional leather ring handle.
  4. Versatility: It comes with two color options (flat black or flat dark earth) and two sheath options (traditional leather or tactical Kydex), giving users the flexibility to choose based on their personal preference and needs.
  5. Heritage: The Spartan-KA-BAR maintains the iconic design and reputation of the KA-BAR MKII, a trusted knife used extensively by the U.S. military throughout history.


  1. Price: Priced between $335 and $385, it's definitely on the higher end of the spectrum compared to many other knives on the market. This might be a deterrent for those on a tight budget.
  2. Weight: Even though it's lighter than the traditional KA-BAR (10.8oz versus 11.2oz), it could still be considered heavy for some users, especially those who prefer lightweight tools for backpacking or hiking.
  3. Maintaining the Edge: While the CPM MagnaCut® steel provides excellent edge retention, it may require professional tools or skills to properly sharpen once it does eventually dull.
  4. Potential Overkill for Casual Users: The Spartan-KA-BAR, with its military-grade specifications, might be more than what's needed for casual or everyday users. Its features and cost may be justified for survival scenarios, military use, or extreme outdoor activities, but might not be necessary for basic camping or household tasks.
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